Our ESL support programs provide students with the help they need to master English.

GradePower Learning®'s ESL tutors will help your child succeed in all areas of study, at any age. From improving grades in class to improving social confidence, your child will find increased success in all areas with our ESL tutoring programs.

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ESL Tutoring for Stronger Language Skills in All Grades

Through ESL tutoring at GradePower learning, students will:

  • Receive customized support from our qualified instructors. Our tutors help students of all ages feel comfortable and supported while learning.
  • Follow a comprehensive learning plan that is built to support individual learning needs.
  • Enjoy an interactive classroom environment that encourages students to feel comfortable asking questions and using their developing English abilities.
  • Learn through discovery. By providing students with relatable subject matter, English skills will grow.
  • Express themselves meaningfully to their teachers and peers throughout their academic journey.
  • Prepare, over time, for the English-speaking demands of university, college, and the working world

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