With our support, homework will no longer be the toughest part of the day.

Set your child up for success with Grade Power Learning’s Homework Help program. Our tutors will work with your child to develop homework skills that make homework stress-free. If homework is causing stress in your family, GradePower Learning® can help.

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We are committed to successful results.

Our homework help program will provide your child with:

  • A Dynamic Assessment process which will uncover how your child learns and approaches schoolwork.
  • A unique learning program designed for your child’s needs that leads to improved grades and improved confidence.
  • Tailored instruction for your child's specific interests to develop a stronger motivation for learning.
  • Increased time management skills to ensure homework is completed by the due date without added stress.
  • An emphasis on reviewing new topics that have been learned to boost retention and understanding.
  • Prioritization skills for knowing when and how to prioritize one project over another.

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