We help our students overcome all learning challenges and boost their potential.

GradePower Learning® provides programs for many learning difficulties. We focus on personalized support and help for your child, no matter what learning challenges they may be facing. From overcoming delays to facing communication challenges, our expert instructors will provide the support and guidance your child needs to gain a newfound confidence in learning

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Special Education Tutoring

We emphasize that every child's learning process is unique, and we build on this by offering:

  • Small class sizes to provide customized support with our many qualified instructors.
  • Learning goals for every child’s set of needs within our educational programs.
  • Discussions with parents to develop learning goals for your child's success.
  • A respect for every child's unique strengths and weaknesses. We develop a plan which considers and improves both.
  • Personalized benchmarks for your child that can be used to measure improvement and accomplishments over time.
  • Ongoing activities that will work to emphasize your child's strengths and improve his or her weaknesses.

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