Our math tutoring services will help your child master formulas and equations with confidence.

Our programs + your child = success, every time. GradePower Learning® is the solution for parents looking to find an after school program that helps math make sense. Our math tutoring services help students learn complex ideas in simple ways using visual representations — so math concepts are understood as more than abstractions.

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Making math make sense

With individual attention, hand-on examples, and fun workbooks, our elementary and high school math tutoring programs help students develop the confidence they need to tackle unfamiliar math problems with ease. Once a concept is grasped, our students often develop enthusiasm for math because they really understand what they are doing — and why.

Math help at GradePower Learning® begins with these key principles:

  • A supportive environment for learning, making mistakes, and developing skills on a continued basis.
  • The use of real life examples to turn abstract academic concepts into relatable ideas.
  • Careful tracking of your child’s progress to ensure he or she doesn't fall behind.
  • Open discussion of all concepts that are taught so no student ever has to keep a question to themself.
  • A dynamic curriculum that enhances a student's strengths and works to improve any weaknesses.
  • Reviewing new concepts on a regular basis to boost overall retention and understanding.

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