Learning how to study is learning how to be successful.

Improving study skills leads to a stronger memory and increased academic confidence. GradePower Learning® helps your child learn effective study skills to make studying a more structured, achievable process. We partner with you and your child to provide important tutoring help in test and exam preparation.

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Learning is not about memorization.

Drills and memorization only have a short term effect. So no more procrastinating or cramming — investing in your child’s education means ensuring that they truly understand and know their material.

  • Help students master time management in order to stay organized with assignments and tests.
  • Teach note-taking skills that will allow students to better grasp and retain information.
  • Develop listening and attention skills so students don't miss any key information in classes and lectures.
  • Promote active thinking, including: questioning, reading, reciting, and reviewing.
  • Encourage open discussion about subject matter to help students grasp content at a deeper level.
  • Use personalized assessments to go beyond memorization and reach towards comprehension.

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