Are you looking for more information on how GradePower Learning® can help your child? Explore our frequently asked questions to clear up any of the confusion.

Is tutoring right for my child?

Tutoring is not always about your child receiving poor marks. If your child is feeling frustrated with learning, or if you are looking to advance his or her skills, tutoring could be the answer.

What if my child is doing well in school, can you help them?

GradePower Learning® provides enriched programming and preparation streams so your child can become an even better student. You know that your child’s potential is limitless, and we feel the same way.

How do you teach my child to learn?

GradePower Learning® is based on a cognitive approach, where your child learns in a way that is comfortable. New ideas are blended into your child’s existing knowledge.

What is a Dynamic Assessment?

Our Dynamic Assessment process helps us identify what we need to know about how your child learns. This helps us develop a comprehensive and unique learning strategy for him or her. It’s less of a test, and more of an introduction.

What subjects do you offer support in?

We offer support in many subjects throughout the year. Reading, math, science, writing, and many other subjects. Contact your local GradePower Learning® center today to learn more about different programs offered.

Am I involved in the process as my child learns?

Of course! It is important that parents are always involved in their child’s learning process. We will provide you with a look into your child’s progress, and how he or she is developing within our learning plan.

Will my child’s grades improve?

Your child’s success is not simply about receiving good grades. Of course, our method is proven to help children achieve a high degree of academic success, but we also focus on things outside of the classroom. We encourage your child to be more comfortable, confident, and passionate in his or her learning.

If you have any more questions, contact a GradePower Learning® Center near you today!

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