Exceptional tutoring programs that give you the best value for your money

We know the costs of raising children can add up quickly. That’s why GradePower Learning offers tutoring programs that provide both great value and affordable payment options.

Affordable Tutoring Pricing

Our tutors are dedicated to helping your child succeed with tutoring programs designed to help students in the areas they need it most, at fair prices.

Whatever your needs or goals, we have a tutoring program for your child.

At GradePower Learning, we offer:

  • Manageable Payment Options
    Fair tutoring prices with payment options available.
  • Dynamic Assessments
    Dynamic assessments to identify your child’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Custom Tutoring Plans
    Customized learning plans created specifically for your child.
  • Tutoring For Every Subject
    A selection of different subject areas at every grade level.
  • Dedicated Support
    Ongoing support from our professionally trained educators.

  • Tutoring fees shouldn’t stand in the way of your child’s academic success. At GradePower Learning, we provide families across the country exceptional tutoring services at fair prices.

    Pricing may vary slightly from location to location. Get in touch with the center closest to you for more detailed pricing information.

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