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Under Armour being weighed for Naperville HS athletes

The Naperville School Board is considering an advertising agreement with the company that makes Under Armour that would result in athletes at Naperville Central High School being outfitted head-to-toe in gear made by the sports fashion company.

A five-year contract is being discussed that would include discounts on Central coaches’ gear, as well as a $2,400 stipend per year. In exchange, the school would place two Under Armour banners on every field or court, and the school teams would sport Under Armour attire. Teams would have five years to transition into being outfitted entirely in Under Armour uniforms, replacing items as needed with the company’s product.

The expenses associated with high school sports are always scrutinized carefully. While viewed by most as an important part of the overall high school experience, and by others as a means of getting into college, the main objective of school is academics. Parents of high school athletes are on the frontline of this debate and often use a tutoring service providing test prep in Naperville to compensate for their students’ reduced study time.

While Kaine Osburn, Deputy Superintendent, saw the agreement as a means of “testing the waters” concerning alternative revenue, other board members had doubts. Donna Wandke questioned whether the five-year transition period may be too short if the normal turnover for all parts of the various uniforms is less than five years.

Board members will continue the discussion at their September 21 meeting, when more information will be available.

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