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Wake County prepares proposed budget

The 2016-2017 school year’s final day is rapidly approaching in Cary, and Wake County Public Schools System (WCPSS) has created a proposed budget for the next academic year.

Jim Marrill, who is the district’s superintendent, recently prepared an overview of next year’s budget, which he presented to the Board of Education. It outlined both the funds that will be utilized and how they will be spent, and it totals $1.6bn. This amount was broken down in to several categories.

Hiring and retaining more school counselors was identified as a priority, and $9.9m has been earmarked for this purpose. Money has also allocated for the construction of four new schools and also to support renovation projects of existing buildings. A salary increase for locally funded employees, which was legislated by the state, will also be included, as will a rise in pay for extra duties and an increase in the salary for support staff to bring them in line with those being paid for similar positions in the local area. New magnet themes and an expansion of the Office of Equity Affairs are also a part of the plan.

Due to current legislation that mandates a reduction in the size of classes at the K-3 level, the district has made a request for additional monies from the state, and is currently awaiting a decision from the General Assembly about this matter. According to the district, the ultimate goal is to provide the best support possible to the students, which can help them to be able to get better grades in Cary.

More information about the proposed budget can be found on the WCPSS website.

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