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WCPS considers adding year-round calendar at some schools

Wake Public County Schools (WCPS) has been engaging in a series of discussions that could affect families in Raleigh and the rest of the area it serves.

The district recently announced that it is investigating the feasibility of implementing a year-round calendar in at least two of its elementary schools, while it is expected that the other five may retain their current traditional academic calendars.

In an effort to seek guidance from the community and other stakeholders, parents and others were invited to share their feedback on the initiative. This information was then used to develop some preliminary recommendations, including allowing any impacted students to apply to transfer to a school that has the new calendar option.

According to the district, the goal is for the board to review the input generated by its staff about this subject at its next work session, which is planned for this month. After this, it will open a website for feedback, as well as decide how many schools need to adopt the year-round calendar for it to be a choice that offers efficiency of operation. Whichever schedule a school follows, a service that supplies better grades tutoring in Raleigh can help its students to do their very best.

Throughout the spring, a series of discussions and work sessions have been scheduled for the board, with a plan of reaching a decision and releasing this to the public during its June 20 meeting. Parents, students, and other stakeholders have been given an opportunity to peruse the board’s presentations, notes, and other materials on the Wake County Public Schools website.

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