Dynamic Assessment

Our Dynamic Assessments allow us to teach based exactly on how your child learns.

Our Dynamic Assessment is developed to understand both where your child is academically, and how he or she deals with learning.

Get to know every aspect of your child’s learning, and how to create a program that will lead to success.

Why is a Dynamic Assessment right for my child?

  1. The Dynamic Assessment is conducted in a casual and stress-free way. This will help your child feel more comfortable in providing answers.
  2. We focus on potential. When your child joins us we want to ensure that he or she is always developing and always learning. We only ever move forward.
  3. Our assessment is the product of doing everything we can to find out how children learn. Our assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses will uncover your child’s learning abilities.
  4. Completing a Dynamic Assessment will allow us to develop a learning plan for your child. An understanding of your child’s learning abilities is the basis for your child’s success in Grade Power Learning’s programs.
  5. A Dynamic Assessment is an introduction between our programs and your child’s abilities.

We get to know your child, and your child gets to know more about our programs. By giving us the opportunity to learn more about your child, we can provide a path to success.

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