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GradePower Austin TX

GradePower Learning® Center in Southwest Austin serves nearby communities like Legend Oaks, Circle C, and Travis Country; Dripping Springs to the west; Meridian, Buda and Shady Hollow to the south; and Westlake and Lake Travis to the north. GradePower is a cognitive development and academic enrichment center. Many of our students enroll to catch up in school, and we also enroll many students who want to excel beyond school standards. GradePower differs significantly from most tutoring centers, because our top priorities for all of our students involve training them to think and process information with greater awareness and efficiency. We strive to develop active thinkers and independent learners with abilities to last a lifetime, rather than merely drill specific academic skills for short-term gains. Grades and test scores are certainly important measurements of student success, as are daily enthusiasm, confidence, and independent thinking. GradePower Learning® Center produces happy, productive learners.

GradePower Austin TX

GradePower serves children from pre-K through twelfth grade. Our Little Readers AcademyTM prepares children for kindergarten by developing cognitive skills, reading readiness, math readiness, and fine motor skills. Beyond TutoringTM trains children from kindergarten through eighth grade on an individualized basis in the areas of cognition, reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills. AdvantageTM is the name of our high school program, designed to customize a learning plan that both maximizes high school success, and prepares teens for college. GPA 5.0TM is our SAT and ACT preparation course, a perfect way for high school students to round out their skills training. GradePower can craft individualized learning plans for students of all ages and needs.

GradePower bases every student’s individualized plan on the results of our Dynamic Diagnostic AssessmentTM. GradePower is one of the few learning centers that evaluates and trains cognitive abilities in conjunction with academic skills. We are not just concerned with what math or reading skills need improvement, but more importantly, we want to know why a child didn’t learn these skills in the first place, and correct the root of the problem. If a child struggles to organize the details of what he sees, or to synthesize all that is said in class, or even just to pay attention, GradePower will customize a plan to correct these causes of academic challenges.

Because we are unique in our emphasis on cognitive development to help children process information more successfully, rather than just tutoring, school teachers find GradePower’s collaboration very helpful. GradePower is delighted to share our diagnostic results and learning objectives with classroom teachers. We also appreciate input from our students’ school teachers. Parents and teachers alike value our team approach, because the end result is a more transformed student.

GradePower Austin TX Gordon Falk - Owner

GradePower Austin TX Kelli Beck – Center Director

In addition to GradePower’s involvement with school teachers, we also support community organizations that share our commitment to the edification of all children. We support the PTAs of area elementary schools like Kiker, Clayton, Baranoff, Baldwin, Mills, Cowan, Boone, and Patton with donations of scholarships, serve as reading volunteers in the Read Naturally program at Patton Elementary, sponsor Oak Hill Youth Sports Association baseball and softball teams, and sponsor the Granada Hills/Western Oaks Dolphins of the Capital City Summer league swim team. We also present parenting workshops at schools and PTA meetings on such topics as “Organizing Your Child” and “Ending Homework Hassles.” We at GradePower want to serve the community that has so graciously supported our efforts over the past seven years.

Call Gordon and Kelli today, and give your child the gift of learning!

GradePower Learning at William Cannon/MoPac is seeking qualified teachers who would enjoy instructing children in an individualized model with a 3-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio. We hire positive and energetic teachers who are comfortable instructing reading, writing, and mathematics to a variety of ages. Available teaching shifts include Monday-Friday evenings from 4pm-7pm, and Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm. The best candidates are able to teach at least two shifts per week, but up to six shifts per week are available.

Grade Power is a great place to teach!

* Steady and reliable schedule
* Lesson plans are done for you
* No outside prep work
* Excellent curriculum
* Positive and fun environment

Please send resumes and cover letters to:

Attn: Gordon Falk GradePower Learning Austin Southwest 4301 W. William Cannon , B-220 Austin, TX, 78749 Email Us


Our Team


 Gordon Falk - Executive Director

“What makes me so passionate about Grade Power is that we change the way children think about learning in general, rather than just drilling specific reading, writing, or math skills. Grade Power is the only learning center that assesses both cognitive and academic skills, which makes us the only learning center to intentionally develop both. I love Grade Power’s curriculum and methodology, because it corrects the root cause of children’s struggles, so they don’t backslide later in life.”

Gordon has nineteen years of experience in supplemental education. He spends most of his time in Austin, and also travels to Dallas to visit another Grade Power Learning Centre that he owns. Gordon and his wife have two children whom they enjoy watching play various sports. Gordon and his wife also participate in their kids’ youth groups and Cub Scout activities. Gordon’s professional mission is to remove obstacles from children’s paths that would otherwise prevent them from achieving their full potential in life.


 Kelli Beck - Centre Director

“GradePower is the answer to every educator’s dream. We change children’s lives. Students achieve their goals and finally feel successful. I ran into a former client recently, who said, ‘You guys work miracles!’ Our students know and appreciate how much we help them. Parents are happy, and many of them refer others to us.”

Kelli has been an educator for twenty years, with experience at the elementary and middle school levels, as well as ten years of experience in supplemental education administration. Kelli enjoys spending time with her retired father, her nephew, who is in high school, and her devoted basset hound Buster. Kelli loves to travel. She has visited five continents and twenty-seven countries! She credits these experiences for her ability to influence young people to think more globally.


 Tammy Chappell - learning coach

“I am excited to be a part of this family, and to work with such a wonderful team and group of students!”

Tammy has taught kindergarten through second grade in Del Valle ISD, and is currently a kindergarten teacher in Hays CISD. She is the oldest of three siblings, proud aunt, and also proud sister of a military veteran. In addition to spending time with her family, Tammy enjoys playing soccer and watching movies.

austin killian

 Kilian Eckert - learning coach

“I love working with the kids at Grade Power. They’re here to improve their reading, writing, and math skills, but we do it in a way that makes learning fun and interesting.”

Kilian has experience teaching at Harmony Charter School and as a substitute teacher in AISD. He recently married Rachel, and they enjoy spending time with her 15-year-old son, as well as Kilian’s niece and three nephews. Kilian is also an athlete. He runs, plays tennis and basketball, and watches college football when he has time.


 Aaron Evans - learning coach


“What excites me about working with young people is the chance to assist them to reach their goals.”

Aaron brings nine years of individualized tutoring experience to the GradePower team. Currently, she is employed full time with Austin Travis County Integral Care as a substance abuse specialist. Aaron enjoys yoga, travel, music, and food. Most of all, though, she enjoys her eleven-year-old dog, Lux!


 Kristina Finol - learning coach

“I enjoy giving students the individual attention they need to succeed academically. Grade Power provides students the ability to think independently, and therefore tackle whatever challenges they face in school work, as well as daily life.”

Kristina has taught fourth grade, and has also served as a fifth grade bilingual teacher. An interesting tidbit about Kristina is that most of her family lives in Venezuela where her parents both were born. She is very close with her two brothers and sister, and they enjoy spending time together whenever possible. Kristina can often be found running the hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake. She also enjoys reading, dancing Salsa, and spending time with friends.


 Lindsay Gillespie - learning coach

“GradePower’s unique philosophy and methodologies are a perfect fit for my teaching style. I am very thankful to work at GradePower.”

Lindsay earned her special education certification at the University of Texas. In addition to broad classroom exposure to a variety of age groups, Lindsay also has several years of individualized tutoring experience. Lindsay and her baby boy enjoy spending time with her parents and siblings. In her free time, Lindsay is an avid reader, writer, and outdoor explorer.


 Velia Hernandez - learning coach

“I am absolutely excited to work for an organization that gets to the root of learning problems!”

Velia has broad experience, having worked with students from 4-17 years old in math, science, spelling, and reading. When not working, she enjoys exercising both her brain and body.

austin jennifer

 Jennifer Lonczak - learning coach


“GradePower allows me to engage in a unique teaching experience, and it’s exciting to bring that to my own classroom.”

To the GradePower team, Jennifer adds her experience as a first grade tutor, K-5 school age care counselor, and K-5 academic intervention services teacher. She currently teaches second grade in an Austin ISD elementary school. Jennifer hails from upstate New York. She enjoys reading (Jodi Picoult is her favorite), watching football (The NY Giants are her team), and hanging out with her two dogs.


 Lindsay Luongo - Little Readers Academy teacher

“I really like the personalized learning experience that Little Readers provides. It allows children to learn at a pace and style that’s best for them.”

Lindsay’s love for children started when she worked as a Homeward Bound camp counselor. Since that experience, prior to joining the GradePower team, Lindsay also nannied and served as a kindergarten teaching assistant. Lindsay recently moved to Austin from New Jersey. She enjoys our weather, which gives her a year-round opportunity to hike, bike, and camp.


 Kynan Murtagh - learning coach

Kynan, our resident upper level mathematics expert, has degrees in both philosophy and economics. In the past, he was an Upward Bound mentor. In his free time, Kynan plays mandolin, reads, and enjoys board games. He is also quite passionate about good coffee!


 Gloria Paraskeva - learning coach

“Both the students and staff at GradePower are very friendly. It’s fun to see children who are excited about learning!”/p>

Gloria has twenty-two years of elementary special education teaching background. She also has dyslexia instructional experience. Currently, Gloria’s day job involves teaching 3rd-5th grade in both resource and inclusion classrooms. Gloria has a twelfth grade daughter and a son in his junior year at Texas Tech – Guns Up! Gloria enjoys hiking and stand-up paddle boarding. When Gloria isn’t exploring the great outdoors, she loves to read mysteries and current events.


 Christy Sanchez - learning coach

“GradePower has a great and unique approach that I wish was present in all classrooms.”

Christy has five years experience teaching middle school language arts. She and her husband look forward to starting a family soon, and instilling in their children the same value on education that their parents instilled in them. Christy enjoys ballroom dancing with her husband, jewelry-making, and interior decorating.


"GradePower Learning Center has been a true blessing to my family. My son started showing signs of reading issues in 1st and 2nd grade. We looked into a number of different tutoring services, but felt that GradePower was the best fit for our son and his needs. Gordon Falk & his staff were incredible. They stayed in touch with my sons teacher, gave progress reports routinely and always maintained a professional, yet warm, friendly and positive attitude. The word “can’t’ does not exist at GradePower. Needless to say, my son did great in 3rd grade & passed his TAKS tests with flying colors. The great habits he learned at GradePower have carried on this year in 4th grade. We are so grateful to all that GradePower did for our son and would / will use them again if the need arises.Our daughter was struggling to read in first grade. When she began GradePower she was almost a year behind in reading skills. When she finished her program 8 months later, she was reading on a third grade level. Many thanks to Gordon Falk and the good people at GradePower Learning Center. School is easy for her now and she learns really well. Not only did GradePower increase her reading skills, but her thinking skills as well. Yahoo GradePower!"


"We have tried other tutoring places but GradePower is hands down the best! Our daughter was struggling in school for various reasons but the team at GradePower has helped us know how she learns best and what to do to help her. The constant struggles are almost gone and she is much happier. She is making great strides! Mr. Falk is wonderful with the kids and makes them feel like they own the experience they are going through. Our daughter is never hesitant about going and she has seen so many other kids that she knows there too and that has been a blessing. The tutors are willing to go over anything that isn’t clicking and make sure the concept is understood before moving on. We are so blessed to be at GradePower. We highly recommend it.”"


"My son was really struggling with Math and Language Arts due to a vision problem that he was diagnosed with the year before. He did not enjoy school. He managed to limp through 2nd grade but with great difficulty. We decided to take him to GradePower Learning where he tested at a 1st grade level in both subjects. However, after a summer at GradePower, he re-tested at a 3rd grade level and began his 3rd grade year STRONG! He is now in the 4th grade and has experienced a year and a half of success and LOVES school! I attribute this to GradePower and am so thankful for Gordon and his tutors. We now have our older son enrolled in GradePower’s study skills program and he loves going. Both of my boys love their time at GradePower. They don’t look at it as school or tutoring and recognize how much it is helping them. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this business. Don’t wait…give them a call and start your son or daughter on a path to success!"


"After completing a program with GradePower last year, my 7th grade son had a bit of a slow start on some of his writing assignments at school this year. I sat down with him and had him recall the strategies he learned at GradePower. Using those tactics again, he’s continued growing stronger and more efficient in those skills. The other day, I even heard him giving his younger brother some instruction. Yay! He’s making A’s, and his Language Arts teacher told me that he is way ahead of most of his classmates in what he is able to do. The greatest part is that World War III over homework has been put to an end!”


"GradePower really helped me in math. I was so surprised when I got a 100% on my first math test! GradePower also taught me how to study and how to memorize things correctly, which is really helping with the memorization of The Declaration of Independence!"


"Thanx a bunch for not letting me re-do 5th grade (joke). I’m glad I came to GradePower. Thanx for helping me bring up my grades…first report card, straight “A’s” and second report card, all “A’s and B’s.” And, I went up in science and math! Math…up?! I know — weird!"


"I just wanted to thank you guys for the incredible work you do at GradePower. You do a great work and you do it extremely well. Our kids are a testimony to that. But the way you do it also awesome and noticeably gracious, passionate and joyful. It is and has been a joy to be able to drop our kids off at GradePower knowing they will be well taken care of! Thank you!"


"I love GradePower because it really helped me with reading and math. My favorite part of GradePower is the teachers. I am very sad to leave. I will miss GradePower."

-Gabby, 6th grader and GradePower graduate

"I wanted you to know that Deborah made a 4.0 this fall semester. You have bragging rights. She even made a 96 in AP Economics. I’m so impressed. When we contacted GradePower last year, we knew she needed help, but we were at a loss and were still searching(and praying)for answers. She studied all the time, but her grades were dropping. She made the honour roll last spring semester, because of the skills she learned at GradePower. This is her senior year, and the fall semester has been hard physically. In spite of the hard times, she kept plugging away at her studies. When I asked her how she did it, Deborah replied that she just applied the concepts and techniques she learned at GradePower. Her grades are excellent, there is no more extreme studying into the late hours of the night, there is no more panic before tests or projects. She now uses time management, plans her work load to meet her deadlines, and uses the study techniques learned at GradePower to become a successful, confident student. We are so proud of her. Thank you for being an answer to our prayers."


"I LOVE GradePower. I have come a long way in my math since I came for the first time. It is fun to come to GradePower, and I am glad it was here that my parents decided to put me instead of some other place."


"I LOVE GradePower. I have come a long way in my math since I came for the first time. It is fun to come to GradePower, and I am glad it was here that my parents decided to put me instead of some other place."


"I LOVE GradePower. I have come a long way in my math since I came for the first time. It is fun to come to GradePower, and I am glad it was here that my parents decided to put me instead of some other place."


"After Ryan finished up with GradePower last year, he got a 'commended' score on the reading STAAR, which had been his weaker subject... The longer goal of all of this was his application to (magnet high school) LASA - where his scores, report cards, teacher recommendations, and a aptitude test all factored into admission. Last week we got news he was accepted! We know you and that score were a big part. Thank you!"

-Scott and Carleen

"My daughter had a couple of issues with math that made her be a little insecure about how well she could do in class. She was frustrated and sad. Math homework were a bit of a fight at home. She asked me to bring her to Gradepower (her older brother was a student here last year). Sure enough, Isabela within 3 weeks of work was smiling about Math. She loves her tutors. She enjoys the way she is learning. She is so positive and energetic about Math. Her entire view about Math has changed for the good. She is now confident about how well she can do a math problem at school. GradePower has once again done their job creating a great atmosphere for a child learning and mastering their skills needed to succeed. I cannot be happier. Gordon and Kelly also keep in touch with Isabela's school teacher to see if there are items that need more attention and review. Gordon and Kelly together with the tutors have done wonders for my daughter math skills as well as confidence on what she can accomplish!"


"My son Nicholas was struggling in Math. Every math homework meant an afternoon of hours going over the material in order to get it done(plus crying and upsetting times). He is not a child that is there to repeat exercises over and over. He needed to be presented on how to look at a math problem and other ways to solve it rather than repeating a formula. After a month or so, Nicholas went to be one of the kids in his classroom to show others students in his school "the other ways to do a problem" on the blackboard!. His teacher was so impressed!. A year had passed after he completed his math classes in Power Grade and he continues doing well. He will be back this summer for a "summer refreshment curse"before 8th grade starts. I would recommend GradePower without hesitation to any parent. I just feel sorry I didn't come earlier. Thanks Gordon and Kelly!"


"Grade Power in Round Rock did help my son. They even work with kids with autism. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend them to others!"

-Natalia Peralta

Summer Learning

We have a great variety of programs over the summer! Register today!

Little Readers Program

Ages 3 to 5

A Fun and Effective Way to Prepare for Kindergarten

  • Choose one to five mornings per week, 9:00am-11:30am
  • A blend of individualized and group learning activities
  • Engaging and motivating music and movement
  • Reading, math, and writing readiness
  • 6:1 maximum student-to-teacher ratio

$150-$750/month — Call 512.892.7323 or Email to Register

Summer Study Skills Workshop

(entering 6th – 9th grade)

  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Note Taking
  • Memory Strategies
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Test Prep
  • Goal Setting & Prioritizing

July 12 – August 11, Tues/Thurs 5:30pm – 7:00pm
$350 — Call 512.892.7323 or Email to Register

Math Camp - Elementary

entering 1st – 6th grade

Your Child Will Strengthen These Essential Math Skills

1st-3rd graders:

  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Place Value/Regrouping
  • Multiplication/Division
  • Word Problem Solving

4th-5th graders:

  • Multiplication/Division
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Word Problem Solving

August 1 – August 5, M-F 1pm-3pm

$250 — Call 512.892.7323 or Email to Register