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Southlands Mall in SE Aurora
6235 S Main St Suite 210

Aurora, Colorado

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Now open at Southlands Mall in Southeast Aurora!

We are passionate about helping children reach their highest potential. Our programs develop:

  • Lifelong learning skills that they can use for the rest of their lives
  • Confidence, self-esteem and independence
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Self-awareness

These skills are developed using our proprietary academic material. We are teaching children how to learn while filling in any academic gaps to catch them up and get ahead in school. Once students complete our program, their lives are changed: they will no longer need a tutor to pass a subject because they understand and have the confidence to figure it out on their own. We get back to the basics so that your child has a solid foundation for learning.

Children are smart and they want to succeed. Homework and grades don’t have to be a struggle. Let us show them the solution!

Our address is 6235 S Main St, Suite 210. The office is directly above the Justice store by the fire pit with the entrance on the south side of the building off of E State St.




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Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Our Team Members

Olga Mead

Center Director

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Danielle Cavanaugh

Education Director

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Mr. Jeff


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Miss Amanda


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Ms. Jonica


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Ms. Elizabeth


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Preparing for University



Preparing for University


Esl program

Grades 1-12

20-Hour Study Skills

20-Hours Study Skills Program

Make Studying Stress-Free

What Parents & Students Are Saying

"I bring my 2 children to the GradePower Learning center in Aurora, and I’m so happy to see how much my daughter’s self-confidence has improved! My oldest daughter just said last week, “I am smarter than I thought I was!” My girls look forward to going to GradePower Learning to learn, which I would have never expected, and they are using their new skills at school. Thank you GradePower Learning!"

Jennifer G.

"I contacted GradePower Learning after receiving a mailing. My son who is a Senior in High School was having issues with the ACT test. He had already struggled with the test 2x and was about to take the test a third time. However, he only had 10 days to prepare! We contacted the friendly staff at GradePower who immediately understood the concern and put together a condensed study plan. After working through the plan, he took the test with confidence and raised his ACT score! He now has been accepted to two universities and striving forward! Thank you to the entire staff at GradePower Learning in Southlands!"

Mark W.

"My husband and I came across this organization by complete accident and WOW what a blessing it turned out to be! We had full testing done on all three of our children . We were able to determine their strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, as well as what we could do as parents to help our children thrive. The teachers and owners of this establishment have the best interest of their students in mind offering individual programs based on the needs of each student. I would highly recommend GradePower Learning for anyone that wants to give their children that extra little bit of help to get ahead and stay ahead with the help of knowing what type of learner they are. Often times as parents we feel helpless if our kids are struggling in school. This was the answer we were looking for. Thank you for what you're doing for our kids!"

Holly L.

"Excellent supplemental education experience! Individualized programs, compassionate & knowledgeable coaches, comfortable environment, expertly-structured curriculum. Focus is on building student's confidence in conjunction with remediating any academic skill gaps. Highly recommended for help with reading & math, ACT/SAT prep, and any other general education needs. Their goal is to help your student get to the place where he/she never needs another tutor--to create life-long, self-motivated learners."

Ashkii J.

"GradePower Learning's cognitive approach to learning is excellent . They give their students the skills and confidence to learn. They really cared about my son's success. Look no further, your child will thrive in this place!"

Susan D.

"My 11 year old is reading, thank you Grade power. This program has been such a big help! They started with a very thorough assessment and individualized my son's reading plan so that they could focus on his strengths and areas that needed work. My son is very proud of himself and the world is opening up for him because he can read!!!!"

Aura C.

"GradePower Learning has made an amazing difference in my son's confidence in his abilities! His reading and math skills have improved dramatically since he started tutoring with GradePower Learning. The comprehensive initial evaluation takes more factors into consideration than just academic ability. Trained professionals identify nuances that cannot be detected on traditional paper-and-pencil evaluations. An individualized program is developed for each student and consistent tutoring skills are implemented with that student's needs in mind. The center directors, education director, and coaches all exemplify GradePower Learning's goal--to help kids feel better about what they do and then do help them become lifelong learners, doing well in everything they do. We love GradePower Learning!"

Janette P.

"Olga and her team have a genuine passion for helping the kids who attend the learning center. With all the different activities we invest in as parents, for our kids, the learning systems used at GradePower Learning are a worthy investment."

Jesse B.

"As an employee of GradePower Learning, I have seen first-hand the kinds of changes children can make through the programs offered. I love the warm, friendly culture that exists for both students and employees. My experience at GradePower Learning has given me a fresh look on the capabilities children have and how to help them reach their highest potential. I have been a part of helping children restore their love of learning and I could not be happier."

Danielle C.