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What to Know About the Upcoming Digital SAT

The SAT exam will move from paper and pencil to an all-digital format starting in 2024.

Changes to the SAT exam came about because the pandemic made it harder for students to gather safely to take the test. So, going digital seemed like a win-win, as many students continued their learning during the pandemic through a digital medium. 

So what’s changed? And is there anything that will remain the same?

The SAT Goes Digital!

College Board announced that the SAT, PSAT, and all the United States College entrance exams are going digital.

Canadian students can start taking the SAT online in 2023, while US students in the United States can take the online PSAT in 2023 and the SAT in 2024. 

This is big news, and students have been happy about the changes, saying that the exam was less demanding and easier to understand. When polled, nearly 80% of students said the online SAT was less stressful and preferred it over the traditional method.

Other Changes to the SAT

In addition to transitioning to an all-digital format, many other positive changes include:

  • There is a shorter test time—2 hrs instead of 3 hrs
  • More time allocated between questions
  • Reading passages that cover a larger range of subjects
  • Able to use a calculator for the math section
  • Option to use their own devices or those provided by the school
  • Results of the test in a few days as opposed to a few weeks

“The digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant.”

Priscilla Rodriguez, Vice President of College Readiness Assessments at College Board

What’s Staying the Same For the SAT?

Not everything will change with the SAT. Some parts of the SAT will remain the same. 

  • Students must take the SAT at a school or a testing center–not at home
  • SAT scores will remain the same–out of 1600
  • Both sections remain multiple choice
  • Accommodations will be given to students who need them
  • Paper testing for accommodations that cannot be supported digitally

Students and parents shouldn’t stress over the test going digital, as most students have found that the test is more accessible and less stressful.

The SAT has undergone many exciting and new changes. However, some elements will not change. For instance, the scale will still be 1,600, and students will still take the test from a school or testing facility. Students can not take the exam from home.

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