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Little Readers

Little Readers®

A preparative reading tutoring program for kids aged 3-6.

What is the Little Readers® Reading Tutoring Program?

GradePower Learning’s Little Readers® program ignites the passion for reading in young children and gives students the tools they need to succeed in school. As an early indicator of academic success, strong reading skills are crucial and the sooner they’re established, the better! Little Readers® offers flexible programming options to help students aged 3-6 build a strong reading foundation.

Goals of the Little Readers® Tutoring Program

Studies show that children who learn to read and write early perform better throughout their school years. The Little Readers® tutoring program helps your child develop these skills early to put them in the best possible position to succeed when they start their first school year.

  • Active thinking, which improves understanding, problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Learning motivation and confidence
  • Stronger literacy comprehension
  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Higher self-esteem

Little Readers® Tools and Methods

The results of over 20 years of dedicated research into how young minds learn and grow allow us to introduce new learning activities at the exact time when children are the most receptive to them. Little Readers® lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Interactive Coaching—our tutors encourage students to take control of their schoolwork and learning process.

  • Balance of hands-on instruction and independent work
  • Proprietary curriculum designed to build concept mastery, including individual workbooks
  • Personalized programs and pacing
  • Learning targets and regular check-ins

Little Readers® – Reading Tutoring For Kids Aged 3 to 6

Three-year-olds can read, so let us give your child a head start! The years between the ages of three and six are a period of significant growth in a child’s life.

For example, studies show a child’s knowledge of the alphabet in Kindergarten can predict their high school achievement levels. That’s why the early years are the perfect time to teach your little one to read.

Children’s minds are alive with curiosity. They have an energetic fire to know and understand their world. Little Readers® helps to keep those flames burning.