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A comprehensive high school success program designed for teens in 9th through 12th Grades

What is Advantage™ Tutoring?

GradePower Learning’s Advantage™ Program prepares teens to better handle their high school studies. This program focuses on developing reading, learning, and study skills that can be transferred to post-secondary and life after school.

Whether they are in 9th Grade and transitioning to increased workloads and higher expectations of high school or in 11th or 12th looking to improve skills before graduation, Advantage™ gives students foundational skills essential for high school success and beyond!

Goals of the Advantage™ Tutoring Program

Tutors Help Students Deliver Homework & Assignments On Time, Every Time

From planning and organization to learning the tricks of doing homework quickly, Advantage™ students learn to win the homework war. Our tutors aim to help lessen stress and decrease homework struggles with in-session homework help in subject-specific areas like math, English, science, and French.

Tutoring Students Are Often More Organized!

Work smarter, not harder! Students who control their time feel in control of their lives. Advantage™ students gain confidence and peace of mind by prioritizing projects and managing their time effectively. Students learn skills such as planning ahead for projects and proper studying techniques for tests and exams. Our tutors will help students to set their education goals and achieve them.

  • Active thinking, which improves understanding, problem-solving, and analytical skills
  • Learning motivation and confidence
  • Stronger organization skills
  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Better grades and academic performance

Advantage™ Tutoring Tools and Methods

Personalized Programs Deliver Better Grades and Higher Confidence

Each student has their way of learning, so every GradePower Learning program is customized. Our Dynamic Assessment will pinpoint how your teen learns best. Then, we’ll create a personalized study program that is a perfect fit: never too fast nor too slow.

High school is a pivotal point for success in life. For most students, it’s a time of pressure—from friends, teachers, and parents—just as they try to develop a sense of who they are. GradePower Learning’s Advantage™ program helps high school students with their studies, helps them build their self-esteem, and helps them develop the confidence to face all of life’s challenges.

The Advantage™ program is a team effort. Students, parents, and GradePower Learning’s professionals become partners in education. We have one common goal: giving your teen every advantage for success in school and life!

  • Interactive Coaching—our tutors encourage students to take control of their schoolwork and learning process.

  • Personalized programming and workbooks

  • Balance of hands-on instruction and independent work

  • Proprietary curriculum designed to build concept mastery, including individual workbooks

  • Personalized programs and pacing

  • Learning targets and regular check-ins

Advantage™ Tutoring Program Benefits for Teens

The Advantage™ tutoring program offers both junior and senior high school students a way to develop stronger study skills, implement stronger homework strategies, and improve their skills and knowledge in all school subjects, including math, English, and science. The Advantage™ Program helps teens develop stronger study skills to help them prepare for the SAT and ACT and their future college careers.