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Beyond Tutoring

Beyond Tutoring®

A foundational tutoring program for students in First-Eighth Grades

What is Beyond Tutoring®?

Our Beyond Tutoring® program focuses on developing critical thinking and learning skills to build a solid foundation for elementary students. Additional focus areas include reading, writing, math, and study skills—all of which are essential for school success!

As we strengthen these skills during the program, school becomes easier to manage, grades improve, and learning becomes fun again!

Goals of the Beyond Tutoring® Program

Good grades and academic success are not possible without equal measures of confidence and motivation. From planning and organization to learning how to do homework quickly and on time, Beyond Tutoring® students learn how to conquer learning challenges.

  • Active thinking, which improves understanding, problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Learning motivation and confidence

  • Stronger organization skills

  • Improved cognitive skills

  • Better grades and academic performance

Beyond Tutoring® Tools and Methods

Having a plan is half the battle. Beyond Tutoring® students learn how to stay organized and manage time effectively from an early age. Our tutors work with students to build a personal tutoring program that uses up-to-date techniques and methods.

  • Interactive Coaching—our tutors encourage students to take control of their schoolwork and learning process.

  • Balance of hands-on instruction and independent work

  • Proprietary curriculum designed to build concept mastery, including individual workbooks

  • Personalized programs and pacing

  • Learning targets and regular check-ins

Beyond Tutoring® Program Ages

Beyond Tutoring® helps students in First-Eighth Grades build stronger thinking and learning skills to help them get better grades. Using our comprehensive assessment, our tutors identify key study skills and subject areas where your child needs assistance. Your child’s tutor will then build a customized tutoring program to help them strive for success!