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College Success

College Success Program

Our college success programs ensure that students are prepared to navigate the social, academic, and professional transitions that are paramount to postsecondary success.

Discover Your Ultimate Academic Success in College.

There is a lot of pressure for teens to get into postsecondary school, and achieving good marks in high school is just the first step. GradePower Learning®’s College Prep programs are designed to help teenagers get into College and teach thinking and learning skills they will use for years to come.

Get Ready for Postsecondary Success

We help teens with time management, project planning, study skills, and goal-setting, which transfer into the workplace. The first year of postsecondary studies can be a big adjustment for teens — we help them develop the skills they need in advance, so there are no surprises.

GradePower Learning® has two great college program options available for teens. Whether your teen is applying to enter college, or is already there and looking for additional support, GradePower Learning®’s College Success Programs can help your teen succeed! See our two program options below:

Advantage Plus

Make College a Success

12th Grade and Above

This program is designed to support students who are navigating both sides of the college transition: high school seniors who are preparing for their first year, and college freshmen looking to upgrade their skills in this brand new environment.

Application Support

Take the Stress out of Applying to College

12th Grade and Above

Our Application Support program helps students navigate the tricky world of college applications, scholarship deadlines, and deciding which college will be the best fit for them. Students will work with one of our coaches as they reflect on their needs, goals, deadlines, and what happens once they’ve submitted their applications.

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