Learning how your child learns

We go well beyond traditional tutoring methods. Tutors at GradePower Learning® learn about your child and develop a plan for his or her success. GradePower Learning® goes beyond tutoring, to help ignite your child’s interest in learning, not just for one school year, but for a lifetime.

Dynamic Assessment, Holistic Understanding

Our Dynamic Assessment process is the connection between our services and your child’s success. Understanding how your child learns is our first priority. Each GradePower Learning® program begins with a Dynamic Assessment™, our own combination of internationally recognized assessment tools, to help us better understand the individual characteristics of every child we teach.

Better Grades, Greater Confidence, GradePower Learning®

Working in small groups under the personal direction of a highly qualified instructor, GradePower Learning® students develop cognitive learning techniques and study skills that help them perform better in daily schoolwork and on tests. The result is a confident, capable student, better equipped to learn any subject matter, in any environment, now and in the future.

Cognitive Learning

GradePower Learning® uses cognitive learning techniques to help children develop more effective ways of thinking, concentrating, listening and remembering.

Our cognitive approach to learning, designed by educational experts, is based on proven scientific research into how children actually learn. Learning is not about memorizing facts. It’s about knowing, really understanding, how to integrate and retain new information.

Our process is a supportive relationship between children, tutors, and parents.

Work with us to start your child’s journey to educational success.

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