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About Us

Change The Way You Think About Tutoring

Tutoring relies heavily on memorization. At GradePower Learning®, we take a decidedly different approach—one that shifts the focus from what your child is learning to how your child is learning.

We don’t ask your child to review and memorize the same old stuff; we help them build the skills they need to really learn and understand. With GradePower Learning®’s programs you’ll be putting an end to the time and expense of hiring a tutor year after year—instead, you’ll be giving your child the skill they need to deal with today’s school struggles, and helping them develop thinking and learning skills that will be used for this grade and for every grade.

Normal Tutoring vs GradePower Learning

Every Student is Capable of Learning

“We start building school confidence with every incremental gain, whether it’s completing a page or mastering a skill. What the student gets to take away isn’t just better grades—better grades are a by-product—it’s the feeling and the knowledge that they are capable of approaching learning in a way that will help them become better students.”
Dr.  Nick Whitehead, Founder


Help students achieve academic success


Encourage independent thinking and creativity


Foster the will and eagerness to learn


Awaken confidence, enthusiasm, and a love of learning

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