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Study Skills

Make Studying Easier

Like folding clothes or baking a cake, studying involves a set of skills that students can learn. Without the proper skills, approaching any task can be confusing and frustrating and rarely leads to the desired result. The same is true for study skills: students can feel overwhelmed and unclear about what teachers expect when test time rolls around without reliable study skills. That’s why GradePower Learning® builds study skills into every program — to help students learn to study using a systematic, organized approach to know where to start, what to study, and when they are test-ready!

More than Memorization

Studying isn’t about memorizing. Instead, proper studying is about deepening comprehension. When materials are understood, students don’t have to rely on their memories, which means more confidence when writing tests and better test scores. GradePower Learning®’s study skills programs help students develop stronger study skills, including:

Study Skills

  • Time management
  • Creating study notes
  • Using an Agenda
  • Note-taking
  • Using flashcards
  • Creating practice tests
  • Studying in groups
  • Beating procrastination

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