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College Prep Classes

College Is About Discovering Your Ultimate Academic Success

There is a lot of pressure for teens to get into post secondary school, and achieving good marks in high school is just the first step. GradePower Learning®’s College Prep program is designed to not only help teenagers get into College, but to teach thinking and learning skills they will use for years to come.

College Prep for Every Need

We offer three unique specialty courses for SAT/ACT prep that go beyond basic study cram sessions, helping students think past the entrance exam with skills used for their entire academic career; after all, passing the exam is just the first step. Our College Prep Courses are customized to each teen’s unique learning strengths and weaknesses and don’t just focus on getting high test scores but on building skills such as time management and workflow prioritization.

Get Ready for Post-Secondary Success

We help teens with time management, project planning, study skills, and goal setting - skills that transfer into the workplace. The first year of postsecondary can be a big adjustment for teens — we help them develop the skills they need in advance, so there are no surprises.

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Our College Prep programs help teens realize their academic potential for lifelong learning with a solid foundation in thinking, studying, and test-taking skills. Learn More

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