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Math Tutoring

GradePower Learning Turns Math Stress into Math Success

Whether math is too challenging or not challenging enough, GradePower Learning’s personalized math tutoring programs end math frustration.

At GradePower Learning, we’ve created math tutoring programs for every age and grade level, from the first to the twelfth grade. We know that every child learns differently and at their own pace, so every child’s program meets their exact learning needs.

Elementary School Math Tutoring

Math should be challenging, not frustrating! GradePower Learning®’s elementary school math tutors provide comprehensive instruction that will engage your child in a way that makes math fun. Our professional math tutors will assess your child’s skill level and customize an elementary school math tutoring program designed specifically for your child.

High School Math Tutoring

With customized math tutoring programs, students will develop new study skills they can use throughout their high school career. GradePowerLearning®'s high school math tutors help students build stronger cognitive and academic skills to become confident, motivated, and ready to learn inside and outside the classroom.

With the GradePower Learning math tutoring program, your child will:

  • Master basic numerical facts and operations
  • See the real-life relevance of math
  • Understand math using familiar contexts
  • Make the leap from concrete to abstract concepts
  • Use advanced thinking through timed challenges and problem-solving activities

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