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Personalized 9th Grade Math help & Tutoring

GradePower Learning®’s 9th grade math tutors help students develop thinking and learning skills that make understanding math easier.

Entering into a new chapter in life can be fun and exciting, and starting high school is no different. With this new change comes added responsibilities and decisions that have an effect on your child’s long-term future. Get him or her off to the best start with our 9th grade math help program.

There are some important choices for your teenager to make about the path he or she takes through high school. The classes your child takes in 9th grade and his or her performance shapes his or her future. It is important to make sure your child is getting the support he or she needs to reach his or her potential. GradePower Learning is here to support your child with our Grade 9 math help tutoring program tailored to suit his or her unique needs. See how a math tutor for 9th grade can help your child make a smooth transition to high school.

9th Grade Math Tutoring Subjects

Number and Quantities
  • The Real Number System
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • The Complex Number System
  • Vector and Matrix Quantities
  • Seeing structure in expressions
  • Arithmetic with polynomials and rational functions
  • Creating equations
  • Reasoning with equations and inequalities
Functions and Trigonometry
  • Interpreting and building functions
  • Linear, quadratic, and exponential models
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Congruence
  • Similarity, right triangles, and trigonometry
  • Expressing geometric properties with equations
  • Geometric measurement and dimension
  • Modelling with geometry
Statistics and Probability
  • Interpreting categorical and quantitative data
  • Making inferences and justifying conclusions
  • Conditional probability and the rules of probability
  • Using probability to make decisions

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