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9th Grade Math Tutoring

Quality 9th Grade Math Tutoring & Help

Our ninth-grade math tutors gives teens the skills necessary to expand their math knowledge while also igniting a passion for learning.

GradePower Learning®’s ninth-grade math tutoring program helps students develop thinking and learning skills to help make understanding math simpler. Ninth-grade math tutors not only make understanding math concepts easier and help students think actively and approach math with more confidence.

At GradePower Learning®, we believe that learning is about more than better grades. Our cognitive approach helps teens learn how to learn, helping make learning continue even after the textbook is closed.

GradePower Learning® ‘s ninth-grade math help program teaches students to excel in academic and applied math courses.

9th Grade Math Tutoring Subjects

Academic: Number Sense & Algebra

  • Manipulating expressions and solving equations
  • Operating exponents

Academic: Linear Relations

  • Linear relations
  • Investigate relationships using data management
  • Connect various representations of linear relations

Academic: Analytic Geometry

  • Relationship between the relation of an equation and its graph
  • The properties of a slope
  • Use the properties of linear relations to solve problems

Academic: Measurement & Geometry

  • Investigate the optimal values of measurements
  • Solve problems involving perimeter, area, surface area and volume
  • Investigate and apply geometric relationships

Applied: Number Sense & Algebra

  • Solve problems involving proportional reasoning
  • Simplifying expressions
  • Solving equations

Applied: Linear Relations

  • Using data management to investigate relationships
  • Determining the characteristics of linear relations
  • Investigating the constant rate of change
  • Connecting different representations of linear relations and solving problems using the representations

Applied: Measurement & Geometry

  • The optimal values of the measurements of rectangles
  • How to solve problems using perimeter, area and volume
  • Investigating and applying geometric relationships

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