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Group Programs & Workshops

Group Programs and Workshops

Grades 6-10

Math Group Programs

Building Essential Math Skills

Review elementary basics or get ready for high school math with our group math program, custom-designed to meet your student’s exact needs and fill in learning gaps.

6th -10th Grades

Study Skills Group Programs

Skills for Success

Prepare to succeed in high school, college, and beyond with our group study skills program, where students build and refine their goal-setting, time management, organization, note-taking, study strategies, and project planning skills.

6th -10th Grades

Teamwork Success Workshop

Understanding Group Dynamics

Learning how to work well with others is a necessary life skill that serves students at school and home and is foundational for workplace success. During this group workshop, students complete personality tests, group activities, and case studies to develop an understanding of their own interactional style to better understand how to work with others.

6th -10th Grades

Get Organized! Workshop

Practical Organizational Skills

This group workshop gives students a head start on school organization. Students cover four fundamental concepts: goal-setting, time management, note-taking, and organizing their school supplies and workspace. Students learn how to integrate these new skills into their routine by completing practical exercises like organizing their binders and backpacks.

6th -10th Grades

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