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Tutoring For
All Ages

Tutoring Programs for all Ages

From pre-school to college, GradePower Learning®’s programs help students of all ages develop better thinking and learning skills, improved confidence, and a different way to learn and remember.


Ages 3 - 6

GradePower Learning®’s preschool tutors help jumpstart student’s academic success by teaching them how to read, listen and understand at an early age.

Elementary School

1st-8th Grades

GradePower Learning® tutors help elementary school students build stronger school skills, including advanced reading, homework, and organizational skills.

Middle School

6th-8th Grades

As middle school students transition from elementary to high school, they develop key skills needed to prepare for the advances demands of high school.

High School

9th-12th Grades

GradePower Learning®️’s high school tutoring programs offer a personalized and unique approach for all learning levels, from remedial to enrichment, while also building lifelong study skills.

College & Above

12th Grade & Up

GradePower Learning®’s College Prep programs are designed to not only help get teenagers into post-secondary schools but to teach planning and goal-setting skills they will use for years to come.

Why Choose GradePower Learning?

We don’t just want students to pass the next test—we want them to develop better thinking and learning skills for life!

Apply Cognitive

We promote active thinking and teach children to discover their own learning process.

Boost Academic

Our customized learning plans lead to better school confidence, which leads to better grades.

Improve Study

Your child will learn study skills that will help them both inside and outside of the classroom.

What Parents And Students Are Saying...

Beyond the progress made academically, we have seen unbelievable improvements in Bria’s self-confidence and self-esteem. I think that the biggest gain that Bria has made this year is how she handles the unexpected. GradePower Learning has provided a safe environment for Bria to further develop her coping skills for when things don’t go according to plan. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence on my daughter!

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