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Elementary School Tutoring

Building Strong Skills

The elementary school years involve a large amount of learning. From learning to read and write to understanding complex scientific theories, children learn a ton of information during elementary school.

Important Lessons For the Elementary School Years

The elementary school years teach kids about so much more than school subjects. During these years, students learn other important school lessons such as motivation, accomplishment, hard work, and collaboration. They also learn lessons like struggle, disappointment, and failure. From young kids heading into their first day of First Grade to young teens preparing for high school, the most important lesson that elementary students need to learn is that learning is exciting and rewarding—that’s what GradePower Learning®’s elementary tutors teach.

Math, Science, Writing, Spelling, History—Tutors for Every Elementary Subject

Your child’s customized elementary learning program will meet their learning needs exactly, and with the personalized coaching of an elementary learning tutor, your child will get the support and encouragement needed to build stronger elementary learning skills to achieve school success.

Better Learning Skills Build Better Students

GradePower Learning®’s elementary school programs help students of all ages, grades, and learning strengths build a solid foundation in thinking and learning so that they become confident, motivated students with strong learning skills, capable of handling all the challenges of school, whether it’s math, reading, science, history, or homework.

Discover SSAT Success

Our Middle-Level SSAT program is designed for Fifth-Seventh Grade students seeking to enroll in independent or private schools for Sixth-Eight Grade. With support from our skilled tutors, students develop the skills needed to tackle the SSAT with confidence.

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