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How Tutoring Works

How Does Tutoring Help Students?

There are many reasons parents choose tutoring for their children. Some parents feel unable to help their children with schoolwork. Others may find their children are more receptive to working through school struggles with another person. Tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills.

Tutoring gives students individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. This helps children who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren’t challenged enough. It also keeps students on track during breaks from school, such as during Spring Break, or during the summer.

What are the Benefits of Tutoring?

Tutoring programs can help your child develop study and learning skills that will help set up your child for success for their entire life. There are many advantages of tutoring services:

Why GradePower Learning?

With GradePower Learning, our customized tutoring programs teach your child the skills they need to deal with the challenges of school, and will help then develop critical thinking and learning skills that are used for life.

Dynamic Assessment

GradePower Learning uses a Dynamic Assessment to assess how your child learns. The test examines your child’s strengths, needs, and potential, and is absolutely stress-free. The results of this test allow us to build a program specifically tailored to your child’s needs.

Customized Programs

GradePower Learning offers customized programs personalized to your child’s unique and academic needs. Your child will receive a customized learning plan, learning strategies to implement in school, develop study and organization tips, and learn improved school habits.

Interactive, Fun Learning

Your child will receive one-on-one instruction balanced with individualized work at GradePower Learning. Most importantly, your child will learn how to have fun learning. We want your child to enjoy and be excited about school and learning, so they can reach their potential.

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