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What PISA Results Mean For American Students

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No two children are alike; that’s why all GradePower Learning programs are customized to meet students’ unique learning needs and help them reach their academic goals, whether that's passing the next test or acing the SAT. Beginning with a dynamic assessment to identify learning needs, GradePower Learning’s tutoring programs help students develop stronger thinking and learning skills, build better school skills, and improve confidence, in every school subject.

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Make Math Add Up This School Year!

Help your child build solid math skills and boost their confidence for better math grades.

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Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me over the past couple of weeks. You have minimized my stress and brought me confidence through your encouragement and you never fail to make me laugh! I can not thank you enough!

Emily P.

Small Classes, Big Results

Small class sizes balance hands-on instruction from trained tutors with independent work so that every student gets a personalized learning experience
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