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Make SAT/ACT Test Prep Simpler With Our Prep Program

Nearly every student feels stressed and anxious when thinking about the SAT and ACT entrance exams — after all, the results of these tests can determine a student’s future. Combine that with the hours of preparation and studying and it becomes clear that students need a solid plan of action. Oxford Learning®’s customized SAT and ACT test prep courses create a clear study program for students that reduces stress and helps them achieve the highest score possible.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Programs

Students looking to make SAT/ACT preparation simpler and achieve high scores will enjoy the programs we offer.

One-On-One Prep

  • 35 In-Class Hours
  • Practice Exams
  • Custom Workbook
  • Choose 8 Weeks or 10 Weeks
  • Take-Home Assignments

SAT/ACT Group Prep

  • Small Classroom Setting
  • 20-Hour Programs
  • Custom Workbook
  • Take-Home Assignments

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