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Tutoring For Every Subject

Tutoring for Every Subject

No Matter What The School Subject, We Can Help With Tutoring Programs For School Subjects In Every Grade.

Beyond the Three R's

Reading, writing, and math are the main school subjects that students struggle with. Our programs help students not just with these three main subjects, but with all school subjects, from learning to read to writing college entrance exams. Regardless of the school subject, GradePower Learning programs underscore the importance of active thinking. Without active thinking, understanding is rarely achieved. We teach students to think actively about what they are learning, so that they develop a better understanding of the subject. With an emphasis on cognitive development, students learn to think actively about what they are learning so that even if it is a brand new topic, they can use learning skills to gain comprehension. It’s an approach to learning that helps every student, in every subject.

What Parents And Students Are Saying...

The fact that Carter is receiving an award for READING is because of GradePower Learning! He has made huge progress lately and has been acknowledged in school for it. This is a huge confidence boost for him! He would not be making this progress without the help of his teacher at school and the amazing work of GradePower Learning!

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