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12th Grade Science Tutoring

For high school students, this is the final sprint. Students should clearly know their postsecondary path by the twelfth grade. If your teen has chosen to study science up to this point but is struggling to keep up with the grade or would like to receive more outside instruction, GradePower Learning®’s twelfth-grade science tutoring program […] […]

11th Grade Science Tutoring

In the eleventh grade, students have a general idea of what path they’d like to take in postsecondary school. There are four types of science classes in the eleventh grade: college preparation, and workplace preparation. Your teen may choose between the courses based on their interests and postsecondary goals. If your teen struggles to keep […] […]

10th Grade Science Tutoring

Tenth-grade science is a combination of several disciplines. It’s difficult to keep up without solid background knowledge in each subject. If your teen is falling behind–or not being challenged enough—a GradePower Learning® tenth-grade science tutor can help. Our program will help your teen understand key concepts, improve their grade, and approach their science class with […] […]

9th Grade Science Tutoring

By the ninth grade, students should have a solid foundation in science. In the ninth and tenth grades, there is a focus on five different streams of the science curriculum. Building a strong foundation in science during seventh and eight grades makes the transition to ninth grade science is less challenging. If your teen struggled […] […]

8th Grade Science Tutoring

Science in the eighth grade is increasingly complex, dealing with cells, systems and other higher-level concepts. If your teen is struggling in their science class, a GradePower Learning® eighth-grade science tutor can aid the learning process and allow them to approach science enthusiastically and confidently. Better learning isn’t just about improving grades. With GradePower Learning®’s […] […]

7th Grade Science Tutoring

By the seventh grade, science topics get increasingly analytical, and some students find concepts more difficult to grasp. With GradePower Learning®’s seventh-grade science help program, students can expect to improve their grades and build other valuable learning skills, including increased focus, improved confidence, more efficient planning, and reliable homework skills. All these skills will help […] […]

6th Grade Science Tutoring

If your child struggles with sixth-grade science, there is a solution for you. With GradePower Learning®’s sixth-grade science help, your child will approach their science lessons more confidently and enthusiastically. Your child will also take away skills that are applicable outside the classroom. What makes GradePower Learning®’s sixth-grade science tutoring program different? It’s our quality […] […]

5th Grade Science Tutoring

In the fifth grade, science becomes more specialized because it deals with human organ systems. Kids may show more interest in what relates to them directly rather than in more broad categories like plants, forces, and movement. If your child is having difficulty staying interested in science, a GradePower Learning®’s fifth-grade science tutor can help. […] […]

4th Grade Science Tutoring

As science becomes more analytical and complex, it is increasingly important for children to develop a stronger foundation in scientific areas. With GradePower Learning®’s fourth-grade science tutoring program, your child will develop a strong understanding of science by the end of the school term. GradePower Learning® helps students improve their marks in fourth-grade science and […] […]

3rd Grade Science Tutoring

In third-grade science, students learn how certain things interact with their environment. GradePower Learning®’s third-grade science tutors can help if your child struggles in science. Your child will get way more out of GradePower Learning®’s third-grade science tutoring program than just improved grades. GradePower Learning® students also learn lifelong skills such as following directions, developing […] […]