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Quality 3rd Grade Science Help

The Grade 3 Science tutors at GradePower Learning offer one-on-one attention so your child can build the skills he or she needs to understand the science of living things.

Science can be a difficult subject to grasp, and some students may not be able to keep up with what is being taught in the classroom. Whether your child is struggling or just needs a little boost, our dedicated 3rd grade science help programs assist your child in building a strong foundation of science concepts. Our personalized programs are designed to make science fun and engaging so your child is excited to learn.

At GradePower Learning, we help your child achieve more than improved grades. Our tutors also teach students lifelong skills like developing focus and attention, how to follow directions, and building confidence. By developing these valuable skills, your child will have to tools he or she needs to succeed in Grade 3 science and all other subjects.

3rd Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Force & Motion
  • Understand different types of forces
  • Effects of force on the movement of objects
  • Effects of balance and unbalanced force on the movement of objects
  • How energy is transferred from one object to another
Earth & Space Sciences
  • Identify differences in climates of different regions of the world
  • Recognize typical weather and climate conditions
Life Science
  • Understand plants & animals have unique & diverse life cycles
  • Inheritance and variation of traits help organisms survive
  • Environmental impacts on the ability of organisms to survive

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