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Quality 2nd Grade Science Help

Our Grade 2 science help teaches students basic science concepts while they also develop other valuable learning skills.

For some students, science just doesn’t click right away. If your child is having a hard time connecting with science, he or she may benefit from a Grade 2 science tutor. Our 2nd grade science tutoring programs offer quality, customized lessons designed to help your child achieve an understanding of basics science concepts in a way that is fun and engaging.

Our Grade 2 science tutors teach your child to approach science with more confidence and enjoyment by building the skills he or she needs to keep up the grade. Along with developing an understanding of science, your child will learn valuable learning skills including critical thinking, time management, and organization that will help him or her achieve success today and in the years to come.

2nd Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Properties Of Matter
  • Identify properties of different kinds of matter
  • Understand changes caused by heating and cooling
  • Identify when changes in matter are reversible or not
Life Science
  • Understand how plants and animals rely on their ecosystems
  • Observe how humans impact the environment
  • Understand plants & animals live in different places on land and in water
Earth & Space Sciences
  • Identify and locate areas where water is found on Earth
  • Understand how wind & water impact the environment
  • Map different types of landforms and bodies of water

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