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1st Grade Science Tutoring

1st Grade Science Help & Tutoring

GradePower Learning®’s first-grade science tutors help students develop the skills they need to begin to understand and excel in all aspects of science.

There’s no doubt your child has an incredible imagination. So imagine what they think when they learn basic science for the first time! For some, science is an outlet for creativity and wonder; for others, science may at first seem confusing and illogical. For this reason, many parents will seek the help of a first-grade science tutor.

With GradePower Learning®’s first-grade science help, young students begin to understand the concept of logic. Each child’s program has transferable learning skills built right in so that as students make sense of science, they also learn how to learn.

1st Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Life Systems

  • Identifying the characteristics and qualities of various life forms
  • Respecting and caring for living things
  • Identifying plants and animals


  • Managing and preventing waste
  • Analyzing the purpose of various structures
  • Practicing safety around machines


  • Identifying energy sources
  • Conserving and reusing energy
  • Finding renewable energy sources

Earth/Space Systems

  • Comparing and contrasting seasons
  • Analyzing the sun as a heat source

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