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Quality 1st Grade Science Help

GradePower Learning’s 1st grade science tutors help students develop the skills they need to build a strong foundation in all aspects of science.

Beginning to learn about science for the first time can be an exciting time for young minds. For some students, science is a new and exciting area to explore; for others, it can seem confusing and overwhelming. Our Grade 1 science tutors can help make sure your child has the help he or she needs to get off to a strong start in science.

With our Grade 1 science tutors, your child will learn about the world around him or her, developing a deeper understanding of how science impacts our lives and the Earth. Our 1st grade science tutoring programs are customized to meet your child’s unique needs so your child can learn in an engaging way that works for him or her. Our tutors also help your child develop transferable learning skills—like focus and concentration—that will help him or her excel in Grade 1 science and beyond.

1st Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Earth & Space Sciences
  • Observe patterns of the sun and moon
  • Identify and make observations about different seasons
  • Classify various Earth materials
Life Science
  • Ecosystems
  • Identify features of plants & animals
  • Understand how plants & animals survive
Physical Science
  • Understand how light interacts with different materials
  • Distinguish between solids and liquids
  • Understand the relationship between movement & sounds

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