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4th Grade Science Tutoring

4th Grade Science Tutoring & Help

In the fourth-grade science tutoring program, we help children understand the fundamentals they need to succeed in science.

As science becomes more analytical and complex, it is increasingly important for children to develop a stronger foundation in scientific areas. With GradePower Learning®’s fourth-grade science tutoring program, your child will develop a strong understanding of science by the end of the school term.

GradePower Learning® helps students improve their marks in fourth-grade science and builds other important skills they can use in every subject, in every grade. These skills include planning abilities, homework skills, improved focus and attention, and confidence. That makes GradePower Learning®’s fourth-grade science tutor program the best option for your child.

4th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Habitats and Communities

  • Animal and plant habitats
  • How changes impact interrelationships among animals and plants
  • Plants and animals are interdependent
  • Society’s dependency on plants and animals

Pulleys and Gears

  • Pulleys and gears benefit humans, and forces cause movement
  • Understand how pulleys and gears operate and how they are used daily in many machines

Light and Sound

  • How sound is created
  • Why light is required to see
  • Technological advances involving light and sound affect the environment

Rocks and Minerals

  • Characteristics of rocks and minerals
  • How society uses rocks and minerals
  • How humans using rocks and minerals impact the environment

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