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Quality 4th Grade Science Help

With customized tutoring programs, our tutors focus on helping your child build the skills he or she needs to make sense of science.

As students begin learning more advanced science concepts, keeping up with what is being taught in class can become more challenging. GradePower Learning’s 4th grade science tutors help your child build and expand a solid foundation so he or she can develop a stronger understanding of science.

GradePower Learning’s 4th grade science help teaches students the skills they need to improve their marks while also developing learning skills they can use in every subject and grade. With customized programs designed to focus on improving the areas your child needs it most, our tutors teach science in a fun and effective way so your child can improve grades, confidence, and motivation. That’s what makes GradePower Learning different.

4th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Physical Science
  • Understand that energy can exist in different forms
  • Renewable vs. non-renewable energy
  • Explain the relationship between the speed and energy of objects
  • Recognize how energy is transferred from one object to another
Earth & Space Sciences
  • Causes and impacts of weathering and erosion
  • How weathering and erosion has shaped Earth
  • Understand why light is needed to see
  • Identify solutions to reduce environmental impacts by humans
  • Understand the property of waves and how they cause objects to move
Life Science
  • Explain how organisms interact with their environment
  • Analyze how different organisms grow based on their genetics and environment
  • How humans use technology to survive in a variety of climates

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