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7th Grade Science Tutoring

7th Grade Science Tutoring & Help

With GradePower Learning®’s seventh-grade science tutoring help your child will gain a deeper comprehension of advanced physical concepts including matter and the environment.

By the seventh grade, science topics get increasingly analytical, and some students find concepts more difficult to grasp. With GradePower Learning®’s seventh-grade science help program, students can expect to improve their grades and build other valuable learning skills, including increased focus, improved confidence, more efficient planning, and reliable homework skills. All these skills will help them in seventh-grade science and other subjects for many years to come.

7th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Interactions in the Environment

  • What ecosystems are made of
  • How they depend on one another to survive
  • How ecosystems constantly change
  • What causes these changes
  • How humans can be aware of their impact on the environment
  • How humans can control their environmental impact

Form and Function

  • Structure and stability
  • Why humans build structure to meet specific needs
  • The interaction between structure and forces

Pure Substances and Mixtures

  • Differences between pure substances and mechanical mixtures
  • How they impact society
  • Classify matter according to physical characteristics

Heat in the Environment

  • Heat is a form of energy that can be transferred and transformed
  • Many sources of heat
  • Positive and negative effects of heat for the environment
  • Global warming

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