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Quality 7th Grade Science Help

GradePower Learning’s tutors help keep your child on the track to success in Grade 7 science.

As students enter 7th grade and science concepts become increasingly complex, some children may start to fall behind. Our Grade 7 science tutors help students understand science in a way that works for them so they can keep up in the classroom. With customized programs designed to help your child build his or her skills and confidence, your child will have the tools needed to keep up the grade.

GradePower Learning’s Grade 7 science help teaches your child how to make learning easier with time management, organization, and study skills. Along with a better understanding of science, these skills will help your child succeed in Grade 7 science class and in all other subjects throughout his or her academic career.

7th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Structure & Properties Of Matter
  • How substances are made from combinations of atoms
  • Different types of energy
  • Chemical reactions and the effects of thermal energy
  • How light is affected by different materials
Force & Motion
  • Gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces
  • Newton’s Third Law
  • Relationships between energy and forces
Life Science
  • Dynamics and cycles of ecosystems (producers, consumers, and decomposers)
  • Interdependent relationships in ecosystems
  • Growth and development of organisms (inheritance and variation of traits)
Earth Systems
  • Patterns of the sun, moon, and stars
  • The role of water in Earth’s surface processes
  • Weather and climate
  • Human impacts on Earth’s environment

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