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Quality 6th Grade Science Help

Our tutors help your child achieve better grades by teaching the skills and confidence they need to excel in 6th grade science and beyond.

Some students can struggle in science class as concepts become more challenging and complex. Our science help for 6th graders helps students make sense of science by tackling the material in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

The dedicated tutors at GradePower Learning teach your child the skills he or she needs to approach science with confidence and enthusiasm. Your child will also master learning skills that he or she can use well into the future, including time management, organization, and attention to detail. Using the tools they learn at GradePower Learning, students are not only able to achieve better marks—they learn how to gain a better understanding of the topic.

6th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Structure & Properties Of Matter
  • How substances are made from combinations of atoms
  • Different types of energy
  • Chemical reactions and the effects of thermal energy
  • How light is affected by different materials
Force & Motion
  • Gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces
  • Newton’s Third Law
  • Relationships between energy and forces
Life Science
  • Dynamics and cycles of ecosystems (producers, consumers, and decomposers)
  • Interdependent relationships in ecosystems
  • Growth and development of organisms (inheritance and variation of traits)
Earth Systems
  • Patterns of the sun, moon, and stars
  • The role of water in Earth’s surface processes
  • Weather and climate

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