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Quality 11th Grade Science Help

GradePower Learning’s Grade 11 science tutors teach students the skills needed to build upon previous knowledge and improve understanding of advanced science concepts.

By the time students reach 11th grade, many begin planning for their post-secondary career. Making sure your child has the skills and confidence to succeed in school is an important stepping stone to his or her final high school years and beyond. Our 11th grade science tutors help students perform well in science class, while preparing them to achieve their postsecondary goals.

GradePower Learning’s science programs help students improve their comprehension of advanced concepts so they can take on science class with confidence. Students also learn valuable learning skills, including time management, critical thinking, and organization—skills that can help students succeed in all subjects. Whether your child needs help catching up or wants to get ahead, our Grade 11 tutoring programs can help.

11th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Structure & Properties Of Matter
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Understanding of what happens at the atomic and molecular scale
  • Interactions between electric charges
  • Chemical reactions, processes, and changes between states
Force & Motion
  • Predicting changes in the motion of objects
  • Defining different types of energy
  • Relationship between energy and forces
  • Energy in chemical processes
Life Science
  • How systems of cells help organisms perform essential functions of life
  • Cells containing genetic information (DNA)
  • Ecosystem dynamics, functions, capacities and resilience
  • How social interaction and group behavior impact survival
  • Inheritance and variation of traits (impacted by DNA and environments)
Earth Science
  • Characteristics and motions of orbiting objects
  • Impacts caused by interactions of Earth’s systems (tectonic plates, water, weather)
  • Impact of water’s unique physical and chemical properties on Earth’s processes
  • Changes and impact of weather and climate

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