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11th Grade Science Tutoring

11th Grade Science Tutoring & Help

The eleventh-grade science help program is focused on building on the previous years’ learning of four areas of scientific skills, including initiating and planning, performing and recording, analyzing and interpreting, and communicating.

In the eleventh grade, students have a general idea of what path they’d like to take in postsecondary school. There are four types of science classes in the eleventh grade: college preparation, and workplace preparation. Your teen may choose between the courses based on their interests and postsecondary goals.

If your teen struggles to keep up in their chosen science class, GradePower Learning®’s customized eleventh-grade science tutoring program can help.

GradePower Learning®’s eleventh-grade science tutor program helps students improve their grades but also helps them improve their thinking and learning skills, such as studying, thinking actively, and strategic planning—transferable skills that help students in all subjects.

11th Grade Science Tutoring Subjects

Biology (College Preparation)

  • Diversity
  • Evolution
  • Genetic processes
  • Structure and function of animals and plants

Biology (College)

  • Cellular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Anatomy of mammals
  • Plants in the natural environment

Chemistry (College Preparation)

  • Matter
  • Chemical trends
  • Chemical bonding
  • Chemical reactions
  • Solutions and solubility
  • Gases and atmospheric chemistry

Environmental Science (College)

  • Scientific solutions to current environmental challenges
  • Sustainable agriculture and forestry
  • Reducing and managing waste
  • Conservation of energy

Environmental Science (Workplace Preparation)

  • Energy conservation
  • Human impact on the environment
  • Natural resource science and management
  • The safe and responsible workplace

Physics (College Preparation)

  • Kinematics
  • Forces
  • Energy and society
  • Waves and sound
  • Electricity and magnetism

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