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Personalized 1st Grade Math Help & Tutoring

At GradePower Learning®, our 1st grade math tutors help your child build foundational math skills and the confidence he or she needs for this year and for every year afterward.

Grade 1 is an exciting time for young learners, as they are given more independence and adjust to the routine of elementary school. With these new experiences come new challenges, including gaining an understanding of the foundational math skills that will prepare them for their future.

Working with a Grade 1 math tutor, your child will receive the hands-on support that he or she needs to approach these new concepts in a fun and rewarding way. Building off of what your child learned in kindergarten, our 1st grade math help program uses interactive tools and techniques to help make lessons engaging and pressure-free. While students become more confident in their math abilities, they will also develop their communication and attention skills, become active problem solvers, and learn to follow direction. Learn how a math tutor for 1st grade can help your child succeed.

1st Grade Math Tutoring Subjects

Arithmetic and Operations
  • Add and subtract within 20 using simple concepts like ‘taking from’ and ‘adding to’
  • Solve basic word problems using addition and subtraction
  • Gain an understanding of the equal sign
  • Determine if equations are true or false
Numbers and Counting
  • Count, read, and write numbers to 120
  • Use the concept of ‘tens and ones’ to determine the amount a number represents
  • Understand the concept of place value and how it applies to numbers
Measurement and Data
  • Order and compare lengths of objects
  • Write and tell time in hour and half-hour intervals
  • Organize, represent and interpret data using graphs and charts
  • Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
  • Learn the difference between defining attributes and non-defining attributes
  • Divide basic shapes like circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares

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