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1st Grade Math Tutoring

Quality 1st-Grade Math Tutoring & Help

With GradePower Learning®’s first-grade math tutoring programs, students get a quality approach to math instruction with a GradePower Learning® difference.

First-grade math can be a challenging and rewarding experience as students are learning basic math concepts for the first time. For this reason, approaching math in a patient and supportive way is incredibly important during first grade. When your child learns math can be fun, they will be more likely to succeed later. With this in mind, our first-grade math tutors offer students support, encouragement, and first-grade math help that will shape your child’s foundational math skills for life!

As students improve their math skills, they also learn to follow directions, develop focus and attention abilities, acquire planning abilities, and develop confidence–all skills they can use for years ahead in all subjects.

1st Grade Math Tutoring Subjects

Numbers & Calculation

  • Understand and make sense of numbers
  • Apply basic addition and subtraction concepts
  • Add and subtract using cents and other small currencies

Understanding Data Management

  • Categorize various information and data using different types of graphs

Basic Algebra

  • Recognize and identify continuing number patterns
  • Understand equality concepts (the ‘equals’ sign)

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