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Personalized 4th Grade Math Help & Tutoring

GradePower Learning®'s 4th Grade math tutors help students understand and master foundational math skills they need throughout elementary school.

Our 4th grade math help programs are designed to help your child stay on top of increasingly challenging math concepts. Working with a Grade 4 math tutor, your child is given the support and attention he or she needs to brush up on the skills taught in previous grades and take on exciting new math concepts.

Staying on top of challenging homework and preparing for tests is made simple when students work one-on-one with our experienced tutors! Learn how a math tutor for 4th grade can help your child.

4th Grade Math Tutoring Subjects

Arithmetic and Operations
  • Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve multi-step word problems
  • Become familiar with multiples and factors
  • Generate number and shape patterns
Numbers and Place Value
  • Add, subtract, and multiply multi-digit whole numbers
  • Use understanding of place value to compare two numbers
  • Round multi-digit whole numbers to any place
  • Understand fraction equivalence and ordering
  • Compare two fractions with different numerators and denominators
  • Apply knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication to work with fractions
  • Understand decimal notation for fractions
Measurement and Data
  • Solve problems involving measurement and conversions of measurement units
  • Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve measurement problems
  • Apply formulas related to area and perimeter
  • Understand concepts of angle measurement
  • Drawing and identifying lines and angles
  • Classifying two-dimensional shapes based
  • Recognize and draw a line of symmetry in shapes, as well as perpendicular and parallel lines

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