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4th Grade Math Tutoring

4th Grade Math Tutoring & Help

It’s never too late to get a firm grasp of math basics and build a foundation that will guide your child’s math skills for years to come.

GradePower Learning®’s fourth-grade math tutors are trained to help students increase their motivation, confidence and skill levels, while maintaining a fun and positive environment.

In an encouraging and supportive learning environment, your child will build confidence and increase math skills. With fourth-grade math help at GradePower Learning®, students are given the tools they need to complete their last four years of elementary school easily. Our fourth-grade math tutors provide your child with new resources and confidence, so they can begin to feel more comfortable conquering tests and assignments.

4th Grade Math Tutoring Subjects

Number Sense/Numeration

  • Compare and order whole numbers and fractions
  • Numeration for decimal numbers
  • Round four-digit numbers
  • Multiply and divide two-digit numbers


  • Calculate mass, length, volume, etc.
  • Measure the area and perimeter of various rectangles
  • Estimation of time

Geometry/Spatial Sense

  • Analyze and compare quadrilaterals
  • Identify and classify 3D shapes
  • Measure angles

Algebra & Patterning

  • Create and predict patterns
  • Identify missing numbers in equations and patterns

Data Management & Probability

  • Organize discrete data
  • Utilize charts and graphs to organize data
  • Understand primary and secondary data
  • Produce surveys to capture primary data and organize the results

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