What is Cognitive Learning?

Cognitive learning is a way of learning that helps students use their brains more effectively. This method of learning is active, constructive, and long-lasting. It encourages students to fully engage in the learning process so learning, thinking, and remembering get easier.
Cognitive learning isn’t about memorization or repetition. It’s about developing true understanding; it’s about learning how to learn.

Cognitive Learning In The Classroom

At GradePower Learning, our cognitive teaching strategies focus on meaningful learning. We don’t focus on memorization or repetition. Instead, our tutors teach students the fundamentals of lifelong learning. Your child will learn skills and strategies that will help him or her on the way to better grades in school, including how to think critically and how to make lasting connections between topics.

Examples of cognitive learning strategies include:

  • Asking students to reflect on their experience
  • Helping students find new solutions to problems
  • Encouraging discussions about what is being taught
  • Helping students explore and understand how ideas are connected
  • Asking students to justify and explain their thinking
  • Using visualizations to improve students’ understanding and recall

How Can Cognitive Learning Help My Child?

Cognitive learning helps students learn effectively and ensures that the concepts learned in class are understood, not just memorized.

Cognitive learning helps your child by:

  • Finding the most effective way for him or her to learn—whether your child is a visual learner, auditory learner, or otherwise
  • Helping your child retain and apply new concepts successfully
  • Teaching your child how to take a “big picture” approach to learning to understand how smaller thoughts fit into larger ideas

Learn more about the Cognitive Learning approach today, including its benefits and how it can help your child learn more effectively.

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