GradePower Learning® helps your child develop a well-rounded approach to education and learning

Learning is a learned skill! At GradePower Learning we teach children how to mentally organize new information so that it makes sense. This is the critical first step toward good grades  and GradePower Learning is the only supplemental educator focused on teaching children to develop these organizing skills. With this foundation, your child becomes an independent learner, better equipped to take in and retain new information on his or her own.

We go beyond the classroom and help your child become more successful in life.

The GradePower Learning® Difference

We focus on understanding your child and providing the help and support he or she needs to be successful. We offer our students:

  • A comfortable environment for asking questions and learning. We pride ourselves on providing a space where students can learn at their own speed.
  • A selection of different subject areas — from math to English, we cover it all.
  • Study and organizational skills that keep students efficient inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support and help from our esteemed instructors and educators.

Want to know how we can help your child? Contact us today to set up an appointment and see what GradePower Learning® can do for your child.

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