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Virtual Table™ online tutoring program uses screen sharing technology to allow students to work face-to-face with their GradePower Learning tutor using their familiar academic materials and workbooks in the comfort of their own home.

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SUMMER: June 4 - August 10

Keep your child sharp all summer by enrolling at GradePower Learning. Prevent the "summer backslide" by working with the GradePower Learning team to craft a summer enrichment plan unique to your child's needs. Some popular areas include active thinking strategies, study skills, mathematics, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

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Preparing for University



Preparing for University

20-Hour Study Skills

20-Hours Study Skills Program

Make Studying Stress-Free

What Parents & Students Are Saying

We are so thrilled about Aidan’s test scores. This is the first year EVER that he has not fallen into the “does not meet” grade level for the math test. He almost made it to the “meets” category, this is HUGE improvement for him. Thank you so much for your support and dedication, and helping him feel more confident and competent in school.


A friend of mine told me about GradePower Learning because both her children had had such great experiences here as well. My 7 yr. old son was having a hard time in school. He was behind in reading and was having a really hard time in class following along to instructions. This caused him a tremendous amount of stress. He missed 6 days of school at the beginning of the year just from anxiety. Since we started GradePower Learning he has not missed a day of school! His confidence has shot way up and his anxiety level has shot way down. Gordon & the whole team are just amazing. They have a wonderful way with the kids. I thought for sure it would be hard to get him to GradePower Learning after a full day of school, but he rarely complains. We have seen so much improvement in his reading and overall comprehension, which is great, but to see your child believe in himself a little more is worth more than anything. I have told all my parent friends about GradePower Learning, and would suggest looking no further. GradePower Learning will truly do wonders for your child!


I thought you might be interested in Hayden's STAAR performance. I've attached his results, which both Jennifer and I think are nothing short of utterly remarkable. It's quite an accomplishment for him and is due in large part to his time at GradePower Learning. His Y-o-Y performance is extremely accelerated, he's reading at the 96th percentile, and his math is also improved to grade level. Thank you and the team for working with him!


My 5th grader has attended GradePower Learning for about 4 months and I've been very pleased with his progress....Here's what my son has to say: "What I like about GradePower Learning is that it makes me happy, instead of bored, and it gives me fun strategies that I can remember!"


Our daughter attended GradePower Learning & loved it! She looked forward to her time with her instructor & loved the encouraging, positive environment there. Originally, she received help in language arts (English/Reading/writing skills) in 1st grade; however, after being diagnosed with dysgraphia & ADHD, it quickly became apparent she also needed help in processing & manipulating math. Through thorough testing, Gordon was able to pin-point what was "missing" in her processing & help her learn strategies to "reconcile" what was not connecting (putting tools in her tool-belt) Gordon & the staff did an amazing job of laying a strong foundation early on for our daughter. She still applies the tools she learned in English & math as well as her other subjects. She has become more confident in each success & is currently in Pre-AP English (8th grade) & earning an A in regular math. As stated before, the tools she learned have helped her in her other subjects & when taking standardized tests. Our daughter loves going to school again & doesn't want to miss! She has joy in learning. GradePower Learning laid a strong foundation for her. The investment has been well-worth it.


Our daughter started attended GradePower Learning (formerly Oxford) upon hearing from her school that she was severely struggling in her reading and they were considering retaining or placing her in 1st grade. Immediately we wanted to find a solution and came upon GradePower Learning. What a blessing it has been! She attends every week and has come so far. We are sticking with GradePower Learning as long as our daughter needs the extra help in reading and math for many reasons. The most important reason is the amazing progress we see in our daughter. In addition, the staff at GradePower Learning is so incredibly professional, friendly and informative. When I was starting my search for a learning center a year ago I visited a couple of their competitors and they did not even compare! I walked in and immediately knew GradePower Learning was where we needed to be and to this day they have not proven me wrong. Thank you, Gordon and your wonderful staff!


Our daughter attended GradePower Learning (then Oxford Learning Center) from kindergarten-second grade. We began there because reading was difficult, and testing suggested our daughter was in danger of falling very behind the norm. Our experience there could not have been more positive, and we know she is the strong reader she is today because of the cognitive therapy and tutoring she received there. They were able to pinpoint what was not happening in her brain, and then they set about to help her to learn how to process correctly, all while keeping her engaged and closing the academic gap. Gordon and the whole staff are wonderful to work with. They try hard to make it a fun learning environment by hosting theme weeks in the summer and by always keeping a positive, enthusiastic attitude. The best testimony of all is our daughter's. She NEVER complained once about going to GradePower Learning and actually looked forward to going - even after a full day of school! She sensed the confidence she was gaining and that made her feel so good about herself!


Hi Gordon, just thought I'd share Maya's report card from 6th grade! She got all A's except Math, which was very close at 87%. Thank you and all of the teachers at GradePower Learning for helping her succeed. It's hard to believe that this is the same kid that struggled so much last year. We are so proud of her hard work!


Yes, GradePower Learning is an investment. But the investment in the lifelong success of your child: Yes, it is worth EVERY PENNY! We no longer have concerns about my older son's success in school, but we know exactly what to do if he encounters problems. This year, the moment my younger son brought home grades that were "low," we enrolled him immediately in GradePower Learning...may his successes result in a future update of additional praises for this awesome place! Thank you to Gordon, the staff, and to all the teachers at GradePower Learning: You are helping to manifest everything your program advertises; but most importantly, you are facilitating the success of our children, the future world leaders. Thank you for helping my kids rise to & beyond their potential!


I thought you might be interested in Hayden's STAAR performance results, which both Jennifer and I think are nothing short of utterly remarkable. It's quite an accomplishment for him, and is due in large part to his time at GradePower Learning. His Y-o-Y performance is extremely accelerated, and he's reading in the 96th percentile. His math is also much improved into grade level. Thank you and the team for working with him!


I can't say enough about our experience at GradePower Learning. Our son was given a curriculum that was specific to his needs and also changed over time based on his achievements. He improved in all areas that were taught, and most importantly he gained confidence! Gordon and Rachel are amazing with the kids, run an honest business, and are very communicative with you and your child's teachers, if need be.

Jennifer Brannon

Our Team Members

Gordon Falk

Gordon Falk

Executive Director

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Rachel Allred, PhD

Education Director

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Kirsten Hoffman

Kirsten Hoffman

Associate Director

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Summer is our favorite time

of The year! 

We have sessions six mornings and four evenings a week, all summer long. Many students take advantage of the great catch-up time offered in the summertime by scheduling extra sessions. Others utilize the summer to preview next grade-level skills. Still others come back every summer just to stay sharp and keep their minds active over the long break.


Careers with Tutor Austin South

  • Learning Coach

    Position Details

    Learning Coach

    GradePower Learning is a global leader in Supplemental Education. In so many ways, this is like no place you’ve ever worked. We love what we do, and we love having fun while doing it! We strive to hire excellent people, and we expect excellence. Great people make a great team and will keep our company strong. We are passionate about our mission of helping children achieve their highest potential!

    Our approach is fundamentally different and goes way beyond tutoring. Our teaching methods emphasize cognitive learning as a major component of the process. We combine cognitive learning and interactive coaching to develop active thinkers, healthy self-esteem, and a lasting love of learning. Our unique programs teach children to learn how to learn, breaking the tutoring cycle.

    We know why you became a teacher, and we offer an opportunity to reach every single child that walks through our doors. At GradePower Learning, you will enjoy just teaching. All lessons are prepared for you, and there is no outside prep, minimal paperwork, and zero bureaucracy! You will be trained in our proprietary curriculum and given the tools to be a successful coach in a small group setting. You will provide personalized instruction in reading, writing, math, and study skills to students of all levels using cognitive-based methods.

    We are looking for flexible part-time teachers with a passion for coaching kids between ages 5 and 18. We are looking for candidates with great skills in relating to kids of all ages and personalities. A positive attitude is a necessity, as is the desire to praise and celebrate both the achievements and difficulties along the learning path of each child.

    If you know you can make a difference, we want you on our team!

    We need team members with these qualities:

    • Ability to maintain a positive, enthusiastic, can-do attitude!
    • Warm, energetic, organized and self-motivated.
    • Patient and understanding; recognizing that all students are unique.
    • Ability to build intrinsic motivation in our students and make it matter!
    • Desire and personality to establish a fun learning environment.
    • Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting.
    • Skilled in problem-solving.
    • Willingness to learn and implement the GradePower Learning methods and take pride in their work.
    • Values and consistently exhibits honesty and integrity in all situations.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Candidates Needed:

    Elementary, middle, and high school level teachers with the ability to coach students in reading, writing, grammar, math, and study skills. Thorough training and lesson plans are provided. The perfect candidates will have at least one of the following:

    • Bachelor’s Degree (in Education preferred)
    • Experience in teaching or education
    • Teaching certification
    • Field expertise and excitement about teaching

    Please send a resume and cover letter to austinsouth@gradepowerlearning.com.

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GradePower Learning® is a state-of-the-art tutoring facility located in scenic Austin South, one of the fastest-growing and most educated areas of the country. Here, parents will find classes and programs that are specifically tailored to their child's unique needs, with the goal of helping them reach their full educational potential.

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