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805 N Battlefield Blvd., Unit 123
Knell’s Ridge Square

Chesapeake, Virginia


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Quality Tutoring in Chesapeake

Chesapeake, Virginia is a diverse and popular city located just outside of Norfolk, Newport News, and Virginia Beach. Home to a growing number of professionals and their families, as well as many service men and women, Chesapeake has proven to be a great location for GradePower Learning® to serve the community.

Our tutoring facility is a great way to give your child a leg up on their educational success. Learn more about our Chesapeake tutoring programs below.

Serving Chesapeake & Beyond

Chesapeake's GradePower Learning® center is happy to welcome students from our neighboring cities and towns, such as: Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hickory, and Bowers Hill.

Math Tutoring in Chesapeake

Students of all ages often hit roadblocks in understanding math, particularly if they do not have a strong foundation to work upon. Our math tutors help students build that foundation, and better prepare them to tackle more difficult problems in the future.

Science Tutoring in Chesapeake

Science can be an extremely challenging subject, yet it is essential to understanding our world. Our science tutors use easy-to-understand visuals and relatable situations to explain complex ideas and concepts, giving students the advantage they need to succeed.

English Tutoring in Chesapeake

Knowledge of English, grammar, and vocabulary is important to students’ success both in and out of school. Our English tutors teach students the tools they need to enhance their mastery of language and build better communication skills.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Chesapeake

Our SAT & ACT prep programs offer one-on-one and group instruction to give students quality preparation for their college-readiness exams. With custom-created workbooks and study guides, students have the tools needed to perform their best.

To learn more about Chesapeake tutoring, contact GradePower Learning® today!