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Elk Grove Tutoring

Elk Grove Tutoring
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Elk Grove, California
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Stop Summer Learning Loss with GradePower Learning

Summer break is fun, but losing learning skills is not. Summer learning programs at GradePower Learning stop learning loss in its tracks and help students:

✅catch up on key subjects

✅build stronger learning skills

✅start their next grade ahead of the curve

Here’s how summer programs stop learning loss and help students get ahead for next year.

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GradePower Learning is a wonderful environment for young minds! My daughter has gained so much confidence since working with Lindsey and David. She did not just receive reinforcement in the subjects she needed but learned multiple strategies to learn and process all subjects. She loved going to grade power and applying her strategies to feel successful each day. Priceless! Lindsey and David are positive and really work with the individual student. I would tell everyone to check them out!

Katie C. - Elk Grove, CA

I could not wish for a better tutoring service for my child. I was an acquaintance of, and tutor for, Stanley Kaplan himself, so when my child had problems in school I was picky. They are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing at GradePower Learning. They identify problems at the beginning. They have strong teachers. It is a small operation. We have had good results from the beginning, and best of all, my child doesn’t mind going there.

Adam G.

I love this place. My daughter is coming up to her grade level quickly and with excellent support. Their approach to the "team" that backs your child is amazing, Celebrating successes and failures and giving the kids the learning foundation that they need to ask good questions and excel in school. Thank you for your help.

Jona P. - Elk Grove, CA

GradePower Learning has taught my 4 year old daughter so much! Lindsey has helped my daughter excel in reading, writing and motor skills. I cannot wait for my younger son to be old enough to attend. You can tell that the owners are passionate about their job and are very skillful in understanding children's learning patterns and behaviors. I cannot say enough good things about this establishment.

Karen W. - Elk Grove, CA

I love GradePower Learning and the attention given to each student. My son is 8 and was struggling with spelling, phonics and in general focus. While we tracked off this was the time to continue getting him help. It worked! During this time off and since he's back in school he's improved on his spelling tests and I've noticed more confidence in him. The assessment test in the very beginning was very insightful as far as were he was and what needed to be worked on. The cool part is that he was working with Lindsey on different nouns and rhymes so went he went back to class they just happen to be working on the same thing. I really like the way Lindsey and David worked with him and noticed even after a while he was laughing and had gained their trust. That's rare for this little guy he's very quite and shy. He was actually having fun learning. I definitely recommend GradePower Learning they go above and beyond from just tutoring.

Elodia Langley

I don't leave reviews hardly ever, but GradePower Learning has done so much for my son! This is my honest review coming from a mom who just about broke seeing my son struggling so much in school! I came to GradePower Learning with my son, 3rd grade, who has learning disabilities that placed him somewhere at a 1st/2nd grade level. He has an IEP with several goals through the year. He has to take daily medication to focus, sees multiple specialists each year and has special teachers at school who work with him independently. We seemed to keep getting referred to more and more specialists who didn't seem to really care to understand him. NOTHING seemed to be helping him, and his confidence had dwindled down to nothing. He stopped trying in school because he felt even if he did his best, it wouldn't be good enough. It crushed me to see my my son struggling so much all the time and feel "stupid!" He didn't want to go to school, fought me to do homework, cried when I tried to help him read. I ended up quitting my FT job to stay at home with him this school year, because I didn't know what else to do to help him. We finally decided to recruit a tutor for him after school so he can get some extra help. We visited several places, but didn't feel that special connection with anyone else other than GradePower Learning, who actually talked with my son when we first met and didn't just talk to me the whole time because I'm the "pay check". They took him around to show him the place, got to know him, asked him about school, what he thought about tutoring--no one else even seemed interested in talking to him at other tutoring places! And their assessment at the beginning breaks down specifically how my son learns best so that they could teach him in a way HE understands the best. Other places had their curriculum that they wanted him to jet through and their "assessments" only placed him at a particular grade level. GradePower Learning is so different because they care about YOUR kid and how they learn best! Thank God we chose to hire them! Not only has GradePower Learning helped restore confidence in my son because they TOOK THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW HIM and could teach him in a way he UNDERSTANDS and thinks is FUN... but because of the work they've put in, his school work is improving, he's understanding concepts he was struggling with, and that beautiful spark inside my son has given him his joy back. GradePower Learning is the best investment we've ever made. I can't say enough good things about the owners; they are fabulous and obviously do something they love doing for a living. They go above and beyond even for the parents, (by giving me a shoulder to cry on, an give an ear to listen when I need it, which is out of their job description I'm sure!) and have attended my sons IEP meetings at school so they can better understand how to help and parallel what he's doing in class. They keep in constant contact with his teachers for my sons benefit. At GradePower Learning, their goal is not to string you along for years and years with no end in sight, they want their kids to be able to be confident and successful enough to not have to see them anymore. I finally found a huge piece of the puzzle I was missing before. To the owners: I know you guys are very humble about what you do, but you're AMAZING and you're an angel to Jacob and our family! I HIGHLY recommend GradePower Learning!

Valerie Schwander

I absolutely love GradePower Learning! The staff are miracle workers! My son had problems with fractions. He just could not get it. He had been working with a private tutor for weeks on fractions, and still, he struggled. When we came to GradePower Learning, David had encouraged us to bring his math book and they'll work with him. When I picked him up that day, he anxiously ran towards the car with a big smile on his face! He yelled with excitement, "Mom, I know how to do fractions!". The next day, he couldn't wait to go back and after picking him up, he excitedly reported that he had been shown another way of doing fractions, and it was even easier! Not only does my son know how to do fractions now, but he has the confidence he needed and developed a hunger for learning! I recommend GradePower Learning to everyone!

Vise M. - Elk Grove, CA

Great place to learn regardless of your pace. David worked with me to make sure I understood the material before moving on to the next problems. Also, great place for children with low self esteem and confidence issues.

Matt O. - San Jose, CA

Dave, Lindsey and their team really care about helping kids learn the way that works for them. It's not a focus on business and instead on the kids. Very refreshing to see as a parent and my middle schooler is growing and learning skills that will last a lifetime...with a smile on his face. Thank you!

S W. - Sacramento, CA

Dave and Lindsay are an amazing dynamic duo that makes learning for my 9 year old son fun. Coming from 3 years of schooling in Japan, my wife and I were worried that our son would have a hard time transitioning into a traditional school setting. David and Lindsay's approach and ability to give our son learning techniques has helped him to be on the Honor Roll for 1st and 2nd Trimester and also he was inducted into the NEHS. Wonderful product and recommend them to all in search of educational help for their child.

Corey B. Oceanside, CA

GradePower Learning has been wonderful for my son. When we began he was falling behind and bringing unfinished classwork home almost daily. Now he is on track and finishing assignments on time. He loves the teachers and enjoys his time at GradePower Learning. It's a fun learning environment for him, and he receives tons of encouragement and positive feedback. The teachers genuinely care about the kids and making them successful. I'm so happy with the results and the progress he's making. Thanks Dave, Lindsey and all the teachers at GradePower Learning!

JT S. - Sacramento, CA

My daughter went to GradePower Learning for several months. She throughly enjoyed going each time. The services my daughter received helped to boost her confidence and get her back on track. She can not wait to start school again and apply the skills she leaned. David and Lindsey are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and kind. I would highly recommend using GradePower Learning for your tutoring services.

Melanie Nichols

I came to GradePower Learning frustrated and angry about my sons teacher and the people attached to my sons IEP and of course 'Common Core'. My son has had an IEP since kindergarten. He had open-heart surgery at three days old and they didn't know how he would be neurologically affected. Fortunately the only issue he seem to have was auditory processing disorder. He couldn't retain the information that he read and was failing horribly in school. My son was then in fifth grade and I didn't know what to do anymore. He still had his IEP, he still was working very hard but yet there was no progress. I called around to all of the tutoring centers to see which one would best fit my child's needs. I was so grateful to find GradePower Learning and David and Lindsay. They helped to walk me through all of the courses that my son had already been through, and all the ones he still needed to do. All of the testing proved that we were going to be doing the right thing. We found out that GradePower Learning was specific in the way they taught for auditory processing disorder. Unfortunately I had crisis over crisis going on in my life while trying to keep my child in tutoring. David and Lindsay were fantastic about changing schedules, accommodating times, canceling at the last second and just being there to understand what's going on. They helped so much and there's no way I could ever repay them. My son has been going to GradePower Learning for almost a year. He is in the last semester of his sixth-grade year and recently graduated from his IEP. He no longer needs one. I was grateful to know that David and Lindsay would be more than happy to attend my sons IEP. Not knowing that this would be my sons last IEP that he would need from the school. Lindsay was fortunate to attend my son's IEP meeting to find out that he has now graduated and no longer needed the schools internal help. It was such a rare opportunity that the teachers did not know how to write up the paperwork for someone who has actually completed the IEP and graduated from it. I cried and Lindsay was kind enough to let me hug her and jump up and down in excitement! Although my son has graduated from his IEP, and was doing much better in class we didn't want to lose any of the momentum that he already had. Especially coming up with seventh-grade and not knowing how he will handle multiple classes instead of just one. But I know David and Lindsay will be there for him no matter what and we will get through it. He is still going strong and doing amazing at GradePower Learning, and when he needs extra help with his homework he make sure to bring it to his tutoring session so he can get the extra help he really does need. Looking back I can't believe how much they have helped my son grow intellectually and in confidence and in the willingness to participate in reading aloud and class discussions and isn't scared to be wrong anymore. He's OK telling people that he doesn't know the answer to the question and he does very well at asking for help. He is no longer embarrassed that he might do something wrong. He owns up to what he's done he knows the difference between needing help and not needing help and now he even challenges his teachers at GradePower Learning. I couldn't be more proud of my decision to choose GradePower Learning to help my child grow into an amazing young man.

April H. - Elk Grove, CA

Awesome! Glad to have had help getting my son caught up in school by acquiring learning skills that A-students just inherently know. Our son loved coming here - boosted his confidence. It was a relief having them on our "team." Very patient, warm and understanding place.

Kris E. - Elk Grove, CA

I have been very impressed with David and Lindsey at GradePower Learning. They have been working with my son for several months and we've definitely seen improvement. They're very flexible with our schedules and working him. I've never had an issue with getting him into a time even last minute. They're also flexible regarding what they work with him on in his sessions like if he has a specific test coming up they'll focus more on that subject for him because he needs the extra help. I would definitely recommend them for tutoring. Their rates seem to be on par with other tutoring in the area. If you have a child struggling you should contact GradePower Learning!

Taylor H. - Elk Grove, CA

Lindsey and David are the absolute best! They really know their stuff and most of all, they really have a way with kids. They cater towards the kids that are struggling and kids whose parents want enrichment. I highly recommend this place. They are clean, very friendly and compassionate, structured and very professional.

liza n. - Elk Grove, CA

What I like with GradePower Learning is that the staff are very supportive and considerate with my daughter’s academic needs. Before GradePower Learning, completing homework had been a struggle and was frustrating for the family. But with the guidance of the staff at GradePower Learning, my daughter had improved significantly. She even said that she likes going to their center and doesn’t feel like she’s obligated to go. In fact she also mentioned that it boosted her self confidence and that she’s proud of the improvements she’s making. This just validates that their curriculum is effective and well-designed. With their systematic approach to learning, my daughter’s overall academic performance had progressed and she even made it to honor roll!


What's New at Elk Grove

In-class Learning - GradePower Learning

In-Person Tutoring at GradePower Learning Elk Grove

Discover School Success This Year with GradePower Learning!

Using the science of cognitive learning, GradePower Learning creates customized learning programs that help students meet their learning goals this year with in-person or online programs.

From Pre-K to College Readiness, we focus on understanding your child and providing the help and support he or she needs to be successful.

We offer our students:

  • A comfortable environment for asking questions and learning. We pride ourselves on providing a space where students can learn at their own speed.
  • A selection of different subject areas — from math to English, we cover it all.
  • Study and organizational skills that keep students efficient inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support and help from our esteemed instructors and educators.

A Safe Learning Environment

All our locations follow the strictest health and safety procedures including strict daily cleaning and sanitation procedures, limiting capacity, and social distancing to ensure your child’s learning environment is as safe as possible for instruction.

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Exceptional Tutoring in Elk Grove

Elk Grove, California, is a suburb of Sacramento and one of the most popular towns in the state. Known for its strong, affluent community and good schools, education-focused Elk Grove has proved a perfect location for GradePower Learning®’s state-of-the-art tutoring facility.

At GradePower Learning Elk Grove, tutors empower students with the knowledge and confidence to overcome educational difficulties and reach their full potential, regardless of grade, age, or experience. Beginning with an assessment, El Dorado Hills tutors at GradePower Learning create personalized programs that meet students’ learning needs exactly. Using proprietary materials and effective instructional strategies, students build learning skills that lead to success.

Serving Elk Grove & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® Elk Grove also welcome students from our neighboring towns and cities. Such as: Hood, Vineyard, Wilton, Franklin, Florin, and Riverview.

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    The subject of science is essential to understanding and appreciating our world. At our facility, science classes are fun, engaging, and informative, with plenty of ways for your child to explore and discover.

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    Good language skills are required for one to get the most of higher education. Our English tutors cover structure, grammar, reading, and writing in a way that is both informative and engaging.

  • SAT & ACT Tutoring in Elk Grove

    Our SAT & ACT tutors help prepare students with quality instruction and custom-created workbooks and study guides. With one-on-one and group tutoring sessions available, students can learn in a way that works for them.

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