Tackle Problem Areas This Summer with GradePower Learning!

Summer learning studies show that students who participate in academic programs over the summer have an advantage in the fall: they are ahead in reading, they are ahead in math, and they start the school year ready to learn.

Summer Learning Programs:

  • Are more focused and interactive than during the school year.
  • Provide structure and routine during the summer.
  • Give students time to focus on challenging subjects and catch up.
  • Help students develop stronger reading and math skills.
  • Are fun and engaging!

Start Next Year Ready to Learn!

Research into summer learning shows that students can lose up to 30% of their academic skills over the summer break. This means that in the fall, students are actually further behind than when they left school at the beginning of summer. Maintaining academic momentum over the summer prevents this backward learning slide, helps students remember the material they spent the school year learning, and keeps their brains in active learning mode so they are ready to learn from the first day of school!

This Summer, Your Child Can:

Catch Up: Review key concepts from last year.

Keep Up: Keep learning momentum going strong.

Get Ahead: Work ahead on next-grade concepts and start the new school year ready!


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What's New at Meridian

In-class Learning - GradePower Learning

In-Person Tutoring at GradePower Learning Meridian

Discover School Success This Year with GradePower Learning!

Using the science of cognitive learning, GradePower Learning creates customized learning programs that help students meet their learning goals this year with in-person or online programs.

From Pre-K to College Readiness, we focus on understanding your child and providing the help and support he or she needs to be successful.

We offer our students:

  • A comfortable environment for asking questions and learning. We pride ourselves on providing a space where students can learn at their own speed.
  • A selection of different subject areas — from math to English, we cover it all.
  • Study and organizational skills that keep students efficient inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support and help from our esteemed instructors and educators.

A Safe Learning Environment

All our locations follow the strictest health and safety procedures including strict daily cleaning and sanitation procedures, limiting capacity, and social distancing to ensure your child’s learning environment is as safe as possible for instruction.

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What Parents & Students Are Saying

GradePower Learning team members care deeply and are amazing at communicating with parents, teachers, and their students! We love that our kiddo is making amazing strides on his/our/their goals!

Kellie E.

My husband and I looked at a few different tutoring companies before walking into GradePower Learning. This was a very hard decision for us. My daughter started second grade reading about a year behind. Her school was doing multiple things to try and catch her up without much progress. The gap between my daughter's level and that of her class' continued to grow larger. Her school came to us wanting to put her in a Special Education reading class. GradePower Learning was able not only to get my daughter back on track, but she is also now reading at a third-grade level! She starts third grade in the fall. She has even won an academic award at school. My expectations are beyond met! Thank you so much, Mike and Ruth! You and your staff have helped my daughter find confidence and a passion for reading! I will be truly forever grateful.

Kelly A.

Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I am very excited about your program. I’m so glad I waited and came to y’all. There was a missing piece in every other program I researched. Your program has that missing, oh so important, piece. This program and its people believe in the whole child and all that means in learning and conquering the things that have been holding a child back. You and your staff have been encouraging, excited and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to being part of the GradePower Learning family! Thank you


Hi Ruth and Mike, I want to thank you both for the really incredible ways Jack feels more confident and sound with math and his study skills. It has been so fun to see him take more initiative in all his classes. Austin has been so very good for Jack. He feels like Austin's influence has helped him so much already. Again, I cannot thank you all enough. As the mom it is heart-warming to have not seen Jack in tears over homework and his abilities. What a gift and outcome.

Jen L.

Zach made the Dean's list again and has been accepted into Colorado State to finish up his college education. Thank you so much for sharing with me the story of GradePower Learning! It's giving him the chance for a life that he might not have been able to have otherwise.

Cheryl E.

What GradePower does, is what public schools can not, and that is teach a child HOW to learn. So often kids are taught "here is the lesson, now learn", but not how. My son was a good student, but when classes became more of a struggle, he didn't have a clear direction on how to conquer an assignment. After a summer and school year of GradePower, his confidence skyrocketed! He knows how to analyze his assignments, choose the best course of action, and complete his work. He learned HOW to learn. Time and money well spent!


I've been meaning to share this Leighton success story with you from last week. We were working on writing a story, it could be on anything she wanted but required a beginning, middle, and end. Honestly, I was dreading this assignment because I thought each sentence would be pulling teeth. When I asked her to tell me the story she wanted to write she went on and on for 5 minutes about a very complex storyline and I knew there was no way she would actually write out everything she said. I helped her begin the story but then had to jump on a client call. I asked her to continue her story and crossed my fingers that something would be on the page when I returned. I was SHOCKED when I came back to find a page-and-a-half written with so many of the details she had verbally described! A page and a half! I didn't think she had it in her! :) Thank you for all of your help with our girl! It's amazing to see the changes that have taken place in less than a year.

Linsday Y.

My son has been working with Mike, Ruth, and the GradePower Learning team for over a year and a half and we have been beyond pleased with their service! Their personalized approach, regular progress reports to parents, customized learning strategies tailored to ensure the success of their students, collaborative approach in working with their student's teachers/schools, and partnership (through open dialogue with parents, etc.) has exceeded our expectations. Our son is now performing at grade level, continues to receive praise from his teacher, and we intend to continue to work with the GradePower Learning team to ensure that he remains successful throughout his adolescent years. Thank you for all that you have done for our family and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to work with the best tutoring program in the valley!

Jed R.

I wanted to share with you Silas's ISAT scores for math this year. Last year, he got a 2 in math (which is why we reached out to you guys) and this year he got a 3! In the 3 areas they score in math, he got a 3 in two of the areas and a 4 in one of the areas. I am so very proud of the work he is doing and so grateful for the support and help you have given us this last year.

Molly R.

GradePower Learning and their staff make miracles happen. Our two boys are both enrolled and have made huge progress. Our 9-year-old is doing so much better in school since he started GPL. He reads and writes better, has a better understanding of his subjects and is more confident in himself. Our 4-year-old is so advanced in his knowledge that he is already kindergarten-ready and possibly first grade-ready. Although it all depends on the child, all the staff at GradePower Learning takes time to recognize individual needs and focuses on those first. We can not thank them enough.

Goron T.

GradePower Learning has been a big help with getting my son better organized, developing better study skills, and having more success with grades. Thanks for all you do!

Shawna M.

GradePower Learning has been amazing with both our boys. One of who has autism and was heading into middle school. They taught him how to be prepped and ready for the changes that came and worked with his counselor to make sure he was on track and doing well with the transition from elementary to middle school. Our other son was below average in reading ending the school year and by the following spring, he tested above grade level in the same category. What a blessing they have been to our boys and our family!


GradePower Learning has helped my 6th grader immensely! I am very impressed with the entire staff. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner.

Terri D.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and has been on an IEP. He has been at GradePower Learning for a little over a year and has made huge gains in his education. By the middle of the school year, he was tested and was ineligible for some of his IEP classes due to his test scores being too high! This program is amazing!

Travis K.

This place is amazing! I was a little skeptical at first. But after being there for 6 months and seeing the huge change in my daughter's learning and writing abilities, I changed my mind. I thought I wanted a place with a one-on-one learning style. They had a three-on-one learning style which ended up helping my child to both learn to focus better in class and handle a class setting better than she was. I highly recommend this place. Plus, the staff is really easy to talk to and they have great communication.

Jessica M.

Don’t look any further. This is the place you want to take your kid. We took our 10-year-old daughter to one other place and was extremely disappointed. GradePower Learning teachers know what they are doing to make your kid better in any subject. They’re great and their way works!

Jr. D.

This place is beyond amazing! My child has improved so much in her school work. Highly recommend to anyone:)

Mollee B.

Tonight I came home from work and my son wants to show me his new (GradePower Learning) shirt, and tell me all about his class today :) I smile ear to ear knowing he has a love for learning. GradePower Learning was a good move and Ayden is one amazing rad little dude. #knowledgeispower You guys were amazing this summer. I can truly say my kids felt right at home with Mike, you, and of course, all of your staff !

Megan G.

The best decision we made for our kiddo! He had been struggling with reading since 2nd grade. So here we were about halfway through 4th grade, and we noticed that our son was making up even simple words for speed while reading. This was new, so we got him into GradePower Learning, and his ISAT testing went off the charts with improvement at the end of the year. I mean knocked it out of the park! We can see his confidence is so much better just in life as well. We cannot thank GradePower Learning enough! They really made a difference in our son! Thank you to everyone at GradePower Learning!

Jill M.

Everyday he surprises me. Thanks to all of you. I'm forever grateful. It's nice to have tears of happiness for him, instead of frustration. He loves going to GradePower Learning. He's like a new kid when it comes to reading or homework. I'm so proud of him.

Christy D.

Andrew had a great summer school experience! He got to learn in a loving and caring environment with a great teacher. Thank you Miss Ruth for getting him excited about school again.

Kelly B.

Our daughter has been attending GradePower Learning for almost a year now! We checked out GradePower Learning for our daughter to gain a better understanding and more confidence in math. From the moment that we walked in the door it has been an amazing experience. Our daughter was in 4th grade and struggling with math. Her dad and I were no help because we did not even understand what was going on. We would create more frustration because we would teach her the way we learned. We decided the best thing for her and us was to check out GradePower Learning. When she started in April 2016 her grade was a 2.5 by the time she finished 4th grade in June she was at a 3 hovering over a 3.5. She gained so much confidence that she would tackle the extra credit math questions which her teacher said she had never done before. She continued with her tutor through summer and walked into 5th grade with the confidence she could tackle anything and that is exactly what she has done. Her grade has continued to stay at or above a 3. Her class was given a test on multiplying decimals and due to her being the only one in her class that passed the test with 100% she was able to teach the class what she knew. Robert (our daughter’s tutor) has been a godsend. The relationship that he and our daughter have built is amazing. He has given her so much confidence. Our daughter looks forward to her session every week. If you are thinking about GradePower Learning, all I can tell you is … stop thinking and get in there. Ruth and Mike are awesome and their staff is top notch! We THANK GradePower Learning every day for what they have given to our daughter!

Natashia R.

My 7-year old girl and 9-year old boy absolutely love coming here. They even asked if they could come to GradePower Learning instead of school. Ruth and Mike are two wonderful human beings. You can tell they both have a passion for children and learning. GradePower Learning is definitely beyond a tutoring program, it's learning lessons that your child will have for life and be able to implement into any scenario. We couldn't be more impressed with the progress our children have made just in their confidence level. I love that GradePower Learning connects with your child's teacher with a one-on-one meeting to make sure they gear their teaching program based on your child's needs. The expense is totally worth investing in your child's education now. Thank you for caring so much about our kiddos and helping them learn in a fun/ positive environment!

Shyla C.

Our daughter Laila loved her experience at GradePower Learning Meridian. The staff is knowledgeable and very welcoming. They take the time to learn your child's strengths and the areas they may need some help in. Highly recommend!

Nicole B.

Just finished Little Readers for my struggling 5-year-old. Fantastic experience! The low student-teacher ratio gives teachers the time to individualize everything! Every day when I'd pick up my son, I would see Ruth talking with a parent or myself about milestones being made. It felt like private tutoring. They appreciate kids that don't fit in the standard box and helped me learn my own child's strengths and his preferred ways to learn. My boy is totally prepared for kindergarten, thanks to GradePower Learning. Ruth's and Mike's genuine love for kids, and teaching them, is obvious. So glad I discovered them, best summer decision!

Dave C.

My daughter has been going to GradePower Learning for a couple of months and she loves it. The staff is caring and competent, and the "boost" it has given her confidence is priceless. I look forward to seeing continued improvement in her academic achievement. Thank you GradePower Learning!

Tamra S.

GradePower Learning has been a great learning tool for Gavin. He is much more aware of when he is off task and has started correcting that behavior on his own. We are so grateful that his teachers have put forth so much effort to help this guy shine!

Rachel K.

The staff genuinely cares about each child's specific need and makes learning fun. I love the environment and after 7 hrs in school, my daughter gets excited to go to GradePower Learning. Thank you guys for everything.

Angie K.

GradePower Learning is amazing! My daughter has shown mind-blowing improvement in focus, math, reading, and spelling. I seriously cannot thank you enough Michael Howard and Ruth Hall for your dedication to children and their success scholastically. What I appreciate the most about GradePower Learning, compared to other tutoring programs, is how they do not put every child in the same box for learning and realize the individual needs of their students.

Susie M.

Last summer I had an opportunity to visit with my stepdaughter who is the Education Director with GradePower Learning in Meridian, Idaho. I found the information that she shared with me very interesting and also very hopeful. My grandson, who lives in Colorado, has struggled with school from the first grade and was headed into his senior year with a low C average. Later that summer, I was with my family in Colorado and shared the information about GradePower Learning. My grandson and I then set an appointment with the Education Director of GradePower Learning in Aurora. Danielle took a lot of time explaining the program, and when we left, I could hear the excitement in my grandson’s voice. Zach had been to numerous “tutoring centers” in the past which turned out to be a place where he could get help with his homework but did not give him learning skills he could use outside of the tutoring center. GradePower Learning tests each student to figure out where they need help, and from the testing, they develop an individualized plan. The thing that we all loved about GradePower Learning is that they teach their students how to learn. Zach has learned how to take notes, how to study, and how to use his time more efficiently and effectively. Since attending GradePower Learning this school year, Zach has gone from a marginal student to an honor roll student. Our only regret is that we didn’t know about GradePower Learning 12 years ago.

Cheryl K.

Kayla read The Cat in the Hat to both me and Papa and she took it to school and read it to her class. She was so proud of herself. My husband and I were blown away at how incredible she did. Her teacher heaped lots of praise on her too. I can't believe how much she has improved in the short time that she has been coming to GradePower Learning Meridian. Thank you so much. It is wonderful to watch her glow with pride at her accomplishments.

Dawn C.

GradePower Learning has helped my daughter in so many ways; she now has a positive attitude toward school, organization skills, learning skills and most importantly, self-confidence. The staff is amazing! They are so easy to talk to and genuinely want your kids to exceed. We are truly grateful we found them.

Sky M.

First of all, the peope who run this place are amazing! They really care about your child. As for my daughter, she has gained confidence, learned so much, and enjoys attending each session.

Crystal H.

Thank you for all you've done for Riley. We really appreciate the guidance and support you've given him. He is more confident and is a better student because of you.

Matt and Kristin G.

My husband and I were told two weeks before the end of the school year that our eighth-grade son was failing and would not graduate unless he completed a long list of missing assignments over two weekends. The summer before high school we found GradePower Learning and learned he had very poor organizational skills. This semester he has completed lessons with a tutor at GPL in time management, goal setting, project management, and organization, and started purging excess paperwork from his binder and using a planner. His grades are much improved and we are hopeful he can apply the skills learned here to all aspects of his life. Now we are wondering if he enjoys his tutoring time so much that he won't be willing to give it up! Thanks to the friendly staff at GradePower Learning, "fine" is no longer a term we use in our household!

Cheryl J.

My son has always struggled with reading. Last year, he ended 4th grade with a 1 (below grade average) on his ISAT. With hard work and the help of the awesome team at GradePower Learning, he got a 3 this year!

Jodi H.

There is no way *** would have accomplished a single thing educationally without your staff, tutors, and organization. Thanks to all at GradePower Learning!


My son has been going for about a year now and he has excelled in so many ways. He couldn’t put his sounds together and now he is reading independently and is so confident in himself. We love GradePower Learning! Highly recommend.

Brittany B.

The staff is really friendly and helpful. My son has shown a great boost in self-esteem. His reading has greatly improved and we are so grateful to GradePower Learning for helping boost his self-esteem!

Kiki B.

Our Team Members

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Michael Howard

Center Director

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Austin Bobrowski

Education Coordinator/ Beyond Tutoring/Advantage/SAT- ACT Coach

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Tammy Perry

Elementary Education Coordinator - R.E.A.D. Elite and Beyond Tutoring Coach

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Shawna McCoy

Beyond Tutoring Coach

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Katlin Hoffman

Beyond Tutoring/Advantage Coach - Certified Assessor

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Emily Kuehl

Beyond Tutoring/Advantage/SAT-ACT Coach

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Doug Crahan

Advantage/Beyond Tutoring Coach - Math Specialty

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Ella Hess

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Geoffrey Hennessey

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Hailey McKinney

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