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Ocoee Tutoring
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Day Academy

Many parents today are dissatisfied with education in its current form:

  • Large class sizes
  • One-size-fits-all education
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Lower standards
  • Student disciplinary issues

In addition, most education systems today, whether public or private, do not recognize the differences in student learning styles and behavioral needs like GradePower Learning does. GradePower Learning Day Academy is a revolutionary educational structure that:

  • Blends academic, cognitive, motivational, and subject content into an advanced learning system
  • Partners with parents whose child is available for instruction during the day
  • Serves as an outstanding alternative to public or private school education
  • Enhances home school or home school cooperatives education

Parents enrich the education process with subject support and fulfilling outside activities, e.g., sports, music, theater, etc.

Program highlights:

  • Daily sessions throughout the school year
  • Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment
  • Individualized programs and custom schedules (two to five days per week)
  • Days – Monday-Friday 9:00am to 12:30pm
  • GradePower Learning trained and certified coaches
  • Student/teacher ratio of 5:1
  • Regular collaboration among coaches and lead staff with parents
  • Written progress reviews (Lesson Plan Review – LPR)
  • Standardized testing

Call today for complete details and to schedule a Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment and Dynamic Education Plan preparation for your child.


Many parents are dissatisfied with public education these days. More and more have turned to homeschooling as an alternative. I field calls and questions from current and prospective home school parents every week. The biggest question is, “Can I do this”?

The answer is Yes!, but that is dependent upon your commitment to executing a curriculum that will engage, challenge, and ultimately educate your children.

The first aspect of homeschooling that is often overlooked are the amount of resources available for parents. Just a quick web search will yield blogs, academic articles, and curriculum that can be accessed for your homeschooling endeavors.

The decision to home school is a personal one. At GradePower Learning Ocoee we support homeschooling moms & dads with our Day Academy Program. Day Academy is designed to complement homeschooling programs. We provide experts in academic subject matter and the ability to benchmark your children’s progress.

Beyond that, we have fun, connect, and provide a healthy environment for your children. For more information, please contact Center Director, Gina Geloso at (407)901-0901 or at



Our son's academic struggles got significantly worse when his school went to online learning and with the many struggles. His hopes of a College education and athletic Scholarship were quickly fading. His school could not provide the help he needed, and in desperation, we shared with our friend the challenge we faced in the fall of his JR year; the stress was taking its toll on our son and us. Our friends told us about GradePower Learning and how they had helped to raise their son's ACT scores by 10 pts in a year or less, facilitating a full-ride academic scholarship. Over the next 1.5 years, GradePower Learning helped our son raise his reading comprehension level by three grade levels, increase his overall ACT score by 11 points, identified a reading processing disorder, and helped write a 504 Plan with the school for support, and the list goes on. Within the first week of tutoring, we saw hope and confidence germinate that affected every area of his life. Last year, his Sophomore year in college, our son was named an Academic All American and also an All American in his sport. Without the well-equipped Grade Power Learning staff, he would not be thriving in college pursuing his talent and education. We wholeheartedly recommend GradePower Learning of Ocoee. -Rad Y.

We are "Thankful" for Grade Power Learning in Ocoee

We couldn't be happier with our experience at GradePower. We have seen such an improvement in our kids, not only academically, but most importantly in their self-esteem. We love Ms. Gina, Ms. Dani and Ms. Denisha!

Denise S.

GradePower has been the one place that has made my child enjoy learning. It has given back much needed confidence and built a solid foundation for learning. Every teacher there is wonderful and caring. A fantastic experience.

Kelly M.

I am very impressed with and most grateful to GradePower Learning. Their approach and passion had my son looking forward to coming each day. His improvements were impressive. I highly recommend GradePower Learning to any parent who cares about their kids' learning success.

Mark P.

I loved the service! Both of my children attended GradePower Ocoee. One child had help getting through Algebra and the other gained a lot of confidence and knowledge for the ACT.

Chris W.

My son Nico's ACT and SAT scores both went up significantly and he got into his first choice school - Johns Hopkins where he will attend in the fall majoring in Neuroscience Pre-Med. Many thanks to Gina and GradePower Learning Ocoee, FL!

Paul D.

GradePower Ocoee has done wonders for my daughter's skills and confidence! Gina and her team do a fantastic job!

Jay K.

"I love the way the instructors take their time with the child and really help them to improve and succeed. I also appreciate that the lesson plan is catered to the child's specific needs."

Freyda S.

GradePower Learning is so committed to my child's success. I cannot recommend them more highly!

Wendy K.

I want to start by thanking Lisa and Nadine for allowing and giving my son an opportunity to embrace education in such a way that now my son feels his accomplishments are on the way. Always keeping their vision on his needs, these two special ladies helped my son and myself make the transition from FLVS to GradePower Learning smooth and easy. What an outstanding program! I am upset that I did not find this program before. GradePower Learning, I am so happy I found you! You are a lifesaver. Thank you GradePower Learning, now I know my son’s education matters to me and to you.

Omaira R.

It is unusual that you can find today a teaching environment that has the patience and skills to encourage and help a student who has always underachieved to become an overachiever. That is what GradePower Learning Ocoee has done for my son. I am not sure an outstanding rating does them justice.

Nicholas L.

For years, my child struggled through the standard public education system of teaching. It was not the best educational path for his specific learning needs. Finding GradePower Learning has truly been a blessing not only for my child but for our family. Working with the incredible staff and the learning center has been the most positive experience that completely changed the course of direction that my child was heading in. The entire GradePower Learning staff of dedicated and professional educators collaborated on a coursework plan and a method of teaching that best suited my child for his specific needs and learning difficulties. The individualized care and attention that the center provided for my child and his education was exactly what he needed. When the COVID pandemic lockdown hit our nation, I was concerned about how it would affect my child and his education. I was more than impressed and comforted with the carefully thought out, proactive plan quickly put in place by GradePower Learning to avoid as much disruption in each individual student's ongoing education. The staff worked tirelessly to make a responsible, smooth transition for their students and the families of the students. My child has flourished not only in his learning and grades but also in his confidence and pride in how accomplished he feels and has become as a student. I will always be grateful to the GradePower Learning team for their commitment and devotion to the successful journey of helping my child to be the absolute best he can be. They are a powerhouse of professionalism and dedication in helping each student on an individual basis to reach ultimate potentials. My child’s experience with GradePower Learning is a true success story!

Brenda T.

GradePower Learning has been a blessing to us! My son was struggling a lot at his previous school and his grades were dropping because they could not accommodate his needs for one-on-one interaction. He began struggling a lot In different subjects! I called GradePower Learning and spoke with Mrs. Liz and explained our situation to her; she was very prompt and had me come in right away for a meeting and my son was in rolled the next week and I can’t even imagine where we would be right now without GradePower Learning and all the wonderful staff! I would highly recommend the school!

Danielle M.

Ocoee Team Members

Gina Geloso

General Manager/Owner

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Alexander Fernandez

GradePower Learning Area Representative for Jacksonville, FL

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Elizabeth Geloso

Center Director

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Nadine Cayasso

Day Academy Coordinator

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Best Rated Tutoring in Ocoee

Located just west of Orlando, the comparatively small town of Ocoee, Florida is a friendly community popular with families both young and old. It is also the location of GradePower Learning®, a one-of-a-kind tutoring facility where students of all ages can improve their proficiency in a wide range of subjects through ‘cognitive learning’.

For parents in Ocoee looking for more than a short-term tutoring remedy, GradePower Learning’s tutoring programs provide a high-quality tutoring option with results that last for the long term. Whether students are learning to read or preparing for college, GradePower Learning tutoring programs provide Ocoee area students with remedial and enrichment personalized tutoring that leads to better grades and greater academic success.

Serving Ocoee & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® Ocoee welcome students from all over the area. This includes communities like: Winter Garden, Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Clermont, and Metro-West.

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  • Math Tutoring in Ocoee

    The abstract concepts that accompany mathematics can be a little intimidating at first. Our tutors know how to make math less frustrating by presenting math in a fun, relatable way that challenges students while keeping them engaged.

  • Science Tutoring in Ocoee

    Developing a passion for science can unlock a world of potential both professionally and academically. Our tutors have created a number of fun, informative courses, that put the exciting world of science right at the student’s fingertips.

  • English Tutors in Ocoee

    English concepts such as grammar and structure are essential to success in school and beyond. Our English programs are designed to help students better understand how language works, while developing their writing and reading skills.

  • SAT & ACT Tutoring in Ocoee

    The SAT & ACT exams can be stressful. Our study prep programs use one-on-one tutoring, practice workbooks, and study guides to help students build the knowledge and confidence they need to perform to their highest potential.

Does Your Child Struggle to Complete Homework?

Learn more about what causes homework stress and how GradePower Learning’s programs can help.

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