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Pelham Tutoring

Pelham Tutoring
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349 Huntley Pkwy
Pelham, Alabama
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After-School Tutoring

Cognitive Coaching

Test Preparation

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Get Ahead this Summer with GradePower Learning

Review key concepts from last year, keep learning momentum going, and work ahead on next-grade concepts!

. . . and Hello To A Strong Start in the Fall!

✅Review key subjects

✅Practise and perfect school skills

✅Build confidence for the year ahead

✅Have fun while learning

Every student needs our fun and flexible summer programs!

What's New at Pelham

We are Birmingham parent magazine's 2023 Family Favorite Tutoring Center

We are proud to be selected for Birmingham Parent magazine's Family Favorite tutoring center in 2023! We also received this award in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022! Birmingham Parent's Directory listing says, "GradePower Learning promotes self-confidence and academic success. Offering assistance and enrichment in all subject areas, any child will benefit from the extra academic attention offered here."

We welcome your call to GradePower Learning, where we can answer your questions and begin a solid partnership to help your child reach their highest potential.

We are a cognitive development and academic enrichment center, helping students of all ages catch up in school and excel beyond grade-level standards. Your child can receive learning enrichment and school support. Using our proprietary curriculum, GradePower Learning goes beyond tutoring to develop new ways of thinking, remembering, organizing, and concentrating. At GradePower Learning, we approach learning differently to develop active thinking and independent learning. We specialize in building strong academic and cognitive learning skills for school success. GradePower Learning is different because we teach your child long-term success strategies and develop your child's cognitive learning and academic skills. 


  • To help children achieve their highest potential
  • To encourage independence and imagination
  • To foster a striving for excellence
  • To awaken a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm
  • To teach children to celebrate achievement


Multiple payment options and no contracts make GradePower Learning an affordable and worthwhile investment for all families. 


Discover School Success this Year with GradePower Learning Pelham!

Using the science of cognitive learning, GradePower Learning creates customized learning programs that help students meet their learning goals this year.

From Pre-K to College Readiness, we focus on understanding your child and providing the help and support they need to be successful.

We offer our students:

  • A comfortable environment for asking questions and learning. We pride ourselves on providing a space where students can learn at their own speed.
  • A wide range of subject areas — from math to English, we cover it all.
  • An emphasis on study and organizational skills to improve a student's efficiency inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support and help from our degreed instructors and educators.



Summer is a great time to get ahead for the next school year! Are you interested in a fun, interactive program to improve your child's reading fluency, reading comprehension, math, and writing skills? Our summer programs are customized to your child's needs and designed to fill in academic gaps and prevent summer learning loss. At GradePower Learning, we provide academic coaching to teach children HOW TO LEARN and ORGANIZE as key strategies for achieving academic success. We develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and independence to prepare for the next school year and beyond!

Ask about our individualized programs to jump-start your student's transition to the next grade and experience the difference this will make for future academic success. Visit and call our Pelham location (205-620-2373) to register today!


A Safe Learning Environment

All our locations follow the strictest health and safety procedures, including strict daily cleaning and sanitation procedures, limiting capacity, and social distancing to ensure your child's learning environment is as safe as possible for instruction.

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College Ready

How can I prepare my child for college? 

We are now offering a program to help your high school 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students become college-ready! Initial assessments will determine college and ACT readiness as well as your child's academic levels in major subject areas, including math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and study skills. 

To begin, we schedule the ACT Diagnostic Assessment and our Academic and Cognitive assessments/benchmark tests to identify strengths and weaknesses, target gaps, and optimize individual learning. 

Then we focus on filling in academic gaps and on developing success strategies for high school and college. Using our curriculum and starting where the student needs to start, we strengthen math, grammar, vocabulary, writing, ACT test-taking strategies, and study skills. And we help your child with identifying career interests and college majors. 

We schedule 1.5-hour long sessions to allow time for instruction, student questions, timed practice tests, and individualized coaching. 

Our goal is to provide your child with academic knowledge, test-taking strategies, and study skills needed for college success!

Please call us:



School Support Plus+

We're here to help parents enrich their child's academic career and meet learning challenges throughout the year. 


  • GradePower Learning provides students with a stable environment for developing academic skills and school success strategies.
  • Our teachers help your student tackle virtual assignments, check progress, interpret assignments, teach concepts your child finds more challenging, and coach students to develop study plans and prepare for tests/assessments. 
  • Students also benefit from our GradePower Learning math, reading, and grammar curriculum, individualized for your student.
  • Small student numbers provide a limited-contact environment with increased safety where students can focus on academics and still be among peers.
  • Parents can choose the days and times that work best for their schedules.

We'd like to meet your family and friends who may also need our help. Being recommended is one of the finest compliments we can receive. 


Thank you for the great privilege of working with your amazing children!

For more information, please contact us at:

GradePower Learning, Pelham

349 Huntley Pkwy, Pelham, AL 35124





Pelham Team Members

Meet the GradePower Learning Pelham Team!

Meet the GradePower Learning Pelham Team!

Staff Photo

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"GradePower Learning is strongly recommended. The teachers are awesome! They have been very encouraging to my son. GradePower Learning has helped my son transition from middle school to high school with high expectations. He enjoys coming to GradePower Learning and seeing how he is improving each week." -Tina

Great transition

"Never, ever did I think I would hear my daughter say that MATH is her favorite subject. You don’t know how much joy that brings to a mother’s heart. After a horrible 8th grade year in math, and barely passing to the 9th grade by 2 points, these words were music to my ears. She has blossomed into a young lady that now has so much confidence in herself and in her studies. The transformation is absolutely amazing and the credit not only goes to her for working so hard, but to the staff and owners of GradePower Learning. You guys are AMAZING! We want to thank you for your time, dedication, and commitment to our daughter. She has enjoyed being with you all, and learning from you all. It means a lot to know there are people who care so much for our kids and their education. It comes from your hearts and that truly shows. You have all made a HUGE impact on her feelings about school & math, and a HUGE impact in her heart. Thank you for your dedication and for caring about our young people and their education." -T. G.

Loves math now

"GradePower Learning has had an impact my two sons greatly. Both have become more confident in their learning skills and enjoy the optimistic personalities of each teacher they have encountered. Learning has become an enjoyable experience for both of my children. Being able to progress in an environment where their benchmarks can be measured on an individual level has also assisted me as their parent to gauge their progress tremendously." -Kelli

Thank you for progress!

"In the beginning my grandchild was not happy about starting extra classes after school but the staff was so friendly and anxious to work with her and teach her that her attitude soon changed. Her grades and learning to focus have all greatly improved. My grandchild has expanded her time to focus on a task and improved her grades. Also they have instilled a power of self-confidence. As I am a senior raising a grandchild, I was not prepared to see the great results I have seen at GradePower Learning. My child went from having notes from the principal on her report card to being selected as an ambassador at her school. It has been a true pleasure seeing all the transformation taking place in all the children from the youngest to the “big” kids. I don’t know how they do it, but all the children show a noticeable improvement. And the best part is the wonderful staff. They can work magic." -Sue


"I am very thankful for GradePower Learning. GradePower Learning has been so beneficial for my son. He has matured and developed in all areas of academics including confidence. I like that they individually have a plan for his success, set real goals, and are willing to let you know how they plan to master the goals. Their commitment to the students is clear and is part of the reason they have such a good reputation for what they do." -Pam

Confidence and goals

"I used to go to another tutoring center but when I started having trouble in school again, I chose to come to GradePower Learning. I know a bunch of people at my school that go here and they’ve said it helps them. I liked the other place, but they only helped me with my current schoolwork. I knew I wanted to come here because y’all focus on the strategies that will help me with tests and homework. GradePower Learning is exactly what I need." -High School Student

School success strategies

"Our son is more confident. We don’t have to tell him to do homework instead he says I need to go do homework or a project. Now he does it way ahead of time. He didn’t know how to study, to organize, or coordinate work. He’s now using all the strategies GradePower taught him. GradePower Learning is not just tutoring him, they’re also helping us as parents to ask open-ended questions such as when is your next project due." -Happy Mom and Dad

Exactly what we need

"GradePower Learning’s ACT tutoring includes the timed practice tests that helped me focus, prioritize, and make a better score! " -ACT Student

ACT and practice tests

"We had our first teacher conference this week. We were told that our grandson’s reading comprehension has risen greatly. Way to go and thank you GradePower Learning!" -Beverly

Reading improved!

"The ACT course is helping me so much in my regular schoolwork too with study skills, organizing, and test-taking! It’s great!" -ACT Student

ACT and high school success

"GradePower Learning has equipped my son with study skills, test taking skills, note taking skills, and project management skills. He will not only be able to use these to succeed in school, but in the rest of his life." -Sheila, mother of high school student

Stronger student!

"We are so pleased with the way they teach and nurture our daughter in her learning. The staff are the true difference. It has been one of the best decisions we have made. We love GradePower Learning." -Brandon

Supportive and nurturing

"GradePower Learning stood apart from the other centers I looked into because of its flexibility in working with parents on scheduling and their more wholistic approach to learning. GradePower Learning focuses on needs of the student not just academics like other centers." - Ryan

Stands out!

Our Enrollment Process

GradePower Learning will equip your child with the learning skills needed to soar! GradePower Learning helps students reach their fullest potential. Our unique learning program develops:

  • Strong academic skills and school success strategies.
  • New ways of thinking, concentrating, listening, and remembering.
  • The cognitive learning skills needed to understand schoolwork, approach challenging assignments, and earn better grades!

We’re specialists in the development of critical learning skills for school success!

  • GradePower Learning students become confident, engaged, and motivated learners.
  • Our teachers provide interactive academic coaching; students say they love having a teacher who works directly with them.
  • It’s time to stop the traditional tutoring cycle! What works is teaching your child the cognitive skills for learning, and that’s the core of the GradePower Learning system - it’s learning that lasts a lifetime!

Conveniently located on Huntley Parkway near exit 242 of Interstate 65, GradePower Learning® Pelham serves students in Pelham, Helena, Alabaster, Hoover, Chelsea, Calera, Montevallo, Columbiana, and surrounding communities.

At GradePower Learning we approach learning differently.  We focus on cognitive development, build strong academic skills in all subjects, improve reading proficiency, and encourage lifelong learning.  In one-on-one and small group programs we teach students how to concentrate, plan, listen, organize, understand, and remember.  GradePower goes beyond tutoring by giving your student the long-term benefit of knowing how to learn.



  1. The first step in getting started at GradePower Learning is to schedule an assessment and enrollment meeting. The assessment, which takes about two hours, gives us a cognitive picture of your child, identifies strengths and academic skill gaps, and points to areas for enrichment.


  1. The Dynamic Assessment may be the most enjoyable test your child has ever taken! During the assessment, we put your child at ease by explaining the various portions of the test and responding to questions in words that they can understand. The assessment uses internationally recognized tools to measure your child’s learning style, academic grade levels in key subject areas, and cognitive learning skills.


  1. While your child is being assessed, we meet with you to discuss more student information, schedule classes, and enroll your student at GradePower.


  1. We create a customized program just for your child; the curriculum is tailored to meet needs that were identified in the assessment and in our discussions with you. We also develop a schedule that works for you. GradePower Learning offers flexible hours to coordinate with your busy schedule.



Here at the first class session, your child gets off to a great start with our program while we sit down with you to review the assessment results. During this meeting, we also discuss the individualized learning plan that will nurture your child’s academic strengths, address weak academic skills, build confidence, and develop understanding in a way that no other tutoring plan can. Parents receive a full in-center report professionally detailing each aspect of the process; a printed copy is yours to take home.



GradePower Learning provides a positive, interactive learning environment year-round.

  • Your child’s class sessions will be filled with fun, lively discussion, and a lot of celebrating. We celebrate success and also celebrate mistakes as opportunities to learn.
  • Our structured curriculum with academic coaching results in better learning, better grades, and better students for life.  We have experienced, qualified, and trained teachers who guide your child to master both basic and advanced concepts that develop a love for learning.
  • We encourage excellence and teach your child school success strategies: critical thinking skills, organization, attention to detail, and more. GradePower is packed with learning materials, books, and resources to help your child learn.
  • After only a few sessions, you will begin to notice a change in your child’s mood, confidence, self-esteem, and attitude toward school.



Our mission is to help children achieve their highest potential.

  • In partnership with you, we develop a learning plan specifically designed for your child.
  • We regularly discuss your child’s progress at GradePower and at school.
  • At GradePower Learning we also partner with you and your child’s teacher(s) and attend parent-teacher meetings at school.

All it takes to put your child on the path to success is your commitment and GradePower Learning to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, we’ll provide the second. Let’s get started!  

Most Popular Tutoring in Pelham

The city of Pelham, Alabama is not only the largest economic area in the state, it is also a major area for education. This makes it a wonderful home for GradePower Learning®, a one-of-a-kind tutoring facility that emphasizes teaching students knowledge, confidence, and learning skills through a ‘cognitive learning’ approach.

At GradePower Learning®, our focus is on helping your child succeed with customized tutoring programs and tutoring sessions balancing instruction and independent work. No matter your child’s age or needs, there is a solution here at GradePower Learning®.

Serving East Hoover Pelham & Beyond

GradePower Learning® Pelham also welcomes students from the surrounding areas, including: Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Liberty Park, Cahaba Heights, Chelsea, Birmingham, Inverness and Leeds.

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  • Math Tutors in Pelham

    Many students struggle in math. Whether it's simple arithmetic, algebra, or calculus, our math tutors help make these abstract concepts more palatable to the developing mind.

  • Science Tutors in Pelham

    Using relatable situations and easy-to-understand language, GradePower Learning® tutors make learning science less intimidating. Our courses are both fun and informative, and often spark a passion for the subject in students who previously disliked it.

  • English Tutors in Pelham

    Proper English, reading, writing, and grammar are essential to communication inside and outside of the classroom. Our courses help students from all backgrounds understand the complexities of language, and increase both their knowledge and vocabulary.

  • SAT & ACT Tutoring in Pelham

    Our tutors help reduce the stress and anxiety of SATs & ACTs with customized workbooks and study guides designed to teach students the skills and confidence they need to do well on these exams.

Does Your Child Struggle to Complete Homework?

Learn more about what causes homework stress and how GradePower Learning’s programs can help.

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