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Mohamed Hassan

Center Director

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Heidi Gruhn

Education Director

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Hamin Kang

Education Coordinator

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Sarah Prososki


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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Had a great time tutoring my students after school through the GradePower Learning Program. The kids were motivated to work with someone they knew. It also allowed for better relationships with students that translated to during the school day success! -Karl

Karl teaches his GradePower students during the day!


These are the facts:

  • Students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency in math skills during the summer.
  • Teachers typically spend 4-6 weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer.
  • Students spend an average of 60 days not engaging in any sort of mental activities

HELP PREVENT SUMMER BRAIN DRAIN .. Call GradePower Learning today!

Little Readers - This program helps children ages 3-6 develop a strong foundation in the basics of reading. We will introduce the building blocks that your child needs for future reading success, with a focus on phonics. Our curriculum builds reading, math, and crucial learning skills while fostering each child’s confidence, self-esteem, and motivation. Each Little Readers session is kept small to ensure that individual needs are met.

Beyond Tutoring /Advantage – Grades 1-12 - This program focuses on helping your child develop strong thinking and learning skills while simultaneously improving reading, writing, math and study skills. The result? Better grades and greater confidence! Many days and times available.

Microsoft Office - Google Docs - This course provides students and adults with the necessary skills to navigate the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). The 9-week course will allow students to develop a foundation in basic skills with the Microsoft Office Suite. Each session will provide hands-on training as each student creates his or her own document for each session. *Laptop required for interactive portions

ESL Course - This course is designed to build the English language skills of non-native speakers of English. The course emphasizes practicing spoken English to help you communicate more effectively. We will review grammar fundamentals and progress to more complex language points to give students a strong foundation in intermediate-level grammar. Students will participate in a variety of activities including discussion groups, lectures, in-class exercises and weekly homework.

Advantage Writing Workshop  - This workshop aims to help middle school and high school students become strong, effective, and grammatically correct writers, and helps students consider advanced writing elements such as style and voice. The course will cover basic principles needed to organize, research and define a compelling thesis for any type of essay. They will be taught details for organizing and producing essay types such as research and comparative essays.

20Hour Math Skills Workshop - This workshop is ideal for students in grades 7-10 who wish to strengthen their basic elementary and early high school math skills.

Location Specific Programs



Preparing for University



Preparing for University


Esl program

Grades 1-12

20-Hour Study Skills

20-Hours Study Skills Program

Make Studying Stress-Free

Careers with Tutor Maplewood

  • Gradepower Coach

    Position Details


    GradePower Learning is a global leader in Supplemental Education. We are new to Minnesota, and at GradePower Learning we take pride in being a little different. In so many ways, this is like no place you’ve ever worked. Seriously, we love what we do, and we love having fun while doing it! We strive to hire excellent people, and we expect excellence. Great people make a great team and will keep our company strong. We are passionate about our mission; to help children achieve their highest potential!

    Our approach is fundamentally different and goes way beyond tutoring. Our teaching methods emphasize cognitive learning as a major component of the learning process. We combine cognitive learning and interactive coaching to develop active thinkers, healthy self-esteem, and a lasting love of learning. Our unique programs teach children to learn how to learn, breaking the cycle of hiring tutors year after year.

    We know why you became a teacher, and we offer an opportunity to reach every single child that walks through our doors. At GradePower Learning, you will enjoy just teaching. No lesson plans, no preparation. You will be trained on our proprietary curriculum and given the tools to be a successful coach in a small group setting. You will provide personalized instruction in Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, and SAT/ACT prep to students of all levels using cognitive-based methods.

    We are looking for flexible part-time teachers with a passion for coaching kids between ages 3 and 18. We are looking for candidates with great skills in relating to kids of all ages and personalities. A positive attitude is a necessity, as is the desire to praise and celebrate both the achievements and difficulties along the learning path of each child.

    If you know you can make a difference, we want you on our team!

    We need team members with these qualities:

    • Ability to maintain a positive, enthusiastic, can - do attitude!
    • Warm, energetic, organized and self-motivated.
    • Patient and understanding; recognizing that all students are unique.
    • Ability to build intrinsic motivation in our students and make it matter!
    • Desire and personality to establish a fun learning environment.
    • Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting.
    • Skilled in problem solving.
    • Willingness to learn and implement the GradePower Learning methods and take pride in their work.
    • Values and consistently exhibits honesty and integrity in all situations.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Candidates Needed:

    Elementary and middle school level teachers with ability to coach students in reading, writing, grammar, math, and science.
    ACT/SAT coaches with great skills in relating to high school students and their unique personalities. High school math and science proficiency required. (Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and chemistry.) For ACT/SAT coaches, former teaching experience is not required. Only energetic applicants who scored in the 90th percentile on the SAT or ACT need apply. Training and curriculum are provided. Current college students are welcome to apply.
    Pre-school teachers with prior experience in pre-school or kindergarten to teach our “Little Readers” pre-school program with emphasis on phonics, math, and fine motor skills. 2 1/2 hour morning interactive preschool program for ages 3-6 years. (Education degree preferred.)
    The perfect candidates will have at least one of the following:

    • Bachelor’s Degree (in Education preferred)
    • Experience in teaching or education
    • Early childhood education
    • Teaching certification
    • Field expertise and excitement about teaching
    • Familiarity and/or expertise with Common Core Standards a plus!

    Please send a resume, cover letter to maplewoodmn@gradepowerlearning.com 
    Must pass criminal background check.

What's New at Maplewood

Brighter Futures Begin Here!

Our Mission

  • Help children achieve their highest potential
  • Encourage independence and imagination
  • Foster a striving for excellence
  • Awaken a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm
  • Teach children to celebrate achievement

At GradePower Learning®, we understand how upsetting, scary, guilt-inducing, and frustrating it can be when your child is struggling academically. That’s why we want to start with two simple, potentially surprising facts that may make you feel better right away:

  • Poor grades don’t necessarily mean that your child isn’t smart.
  • Poor grades are often caused by a deficiency in the fundamental cognitive skills that make up what we call learning.

When it comes to developing these critical cognitive skills, forcing your child to “buckle down and study harder” doesn’t work (or make home a very happy place to be). Neither do traditional tutors, endless drills, or rote memorization.

What does work is teaching your child the cognitive skills he or she needs to “get it”; to truly understand a subject. That’s the core of the GradePower Learning® system, the only learning system developed based on scientific research into how children actually learn. The life-changing success it brings is why we love what we do.

GradePower Learning understands the challenges that may arise with motivating children to do their homework and improve their grades. We are passionate about awakening a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm in students which eliminates low self-esteem. GradePower Learning is committed to partnering with parents and teachers to not only increase scholastic achievement but to also foster a striving for excellence within the student.

We are proud to bring this opportunity to school-aged students in our area. This center is the first GradePower Learning to open in Minnesota and is unique in that the programs offered teach students how to learn rather than just pass a subject. Many tutoring centers focus on memorization and passing the current class, but GradePower Learning goes above and beyond simple memorization techniques.

GradePower Learning’s exclusive academic-based cognitive learning approach affords students a lifetime of learning skills.

This is the GradePower Learning® Difference

*Better Grades, Proven Results*

To learn more about Maplewood tutors, contact Gradepower Learning® today!

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Math Tutoring in Maplewood

Students of all ages can hit road bumps when it comes to math. Our math tutors know how to simplify and clarify this subject’s abstract concepts, presenting the material in a way that is both engaging and informative.

Science Tutoring in Maplewood

Studying science can unlock a world of potential for a student, but it’s easy to understand why some kids get intimidated by such a vast subject. Our tutors make science fun again, and help kids of all ages gain a better understanding of their world.

English Tutors in Maplewood

There’s no overestimating the need for proper communication skills. Our English tutors work with kids of all backgrounds to make sure they’re learning the English skills they need to communicate effectively, whether written or spoken.

SAT & ACT Tutoring in Maplewood

Our tutors provide custom-made workbooks and take-home study guides to help prepare your child and reduce the stress of SATs & ACTs. With the right tools, your child will be ready to take on his or her exams with confidence.

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Make Studying Simple!

Our students learn the simple techniques that take the stress out of studying.

Quality Tutoring in Maplewood

Maplewood, Minnesota is a popular suburb of America’s ‘Twin Cities’, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Having proved extremely popular with young families, the city is an excellent location for GradePower Learning® to teach young minds. Our unique Maplewood tutoring facility works with kids of all ages, helping them become more proficient in their core subjects and better prepared for high school and college.

Our facility stands out because we put the focus on the students, creating unique curriculums around each student's needs. Learn more about our Maplewood tutoring programs below.

Serving Maplewood & Beyond

The tutors at GradePower Learning® in Maplewood gladly welcome students from our neighboring towns and cities, such as: Roseville, Arden Hills, Lilydale, Mendota Heights, Little Canada, Oakdale, and Woodbury.

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