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How Tutoring Can Help Your Grandchildren Today for a Better Future Tomorrow

Have you considered investing in tutoring for your grandchildren? Most grandparents envision supporting their grandchildren’s future in some way. One of the first things that come to mind is investing in their education—the most common method is to start an RESP or some other financial contribution toward the future. But what if your grandchild isn’t on track for post-secondary education?

Tutoring Help When Grandchildren Need it Most

Thanks to the pandemic, the current reality is that most elementary school students are experiencing some form of academic setback. The experts say that almost all students are experiencing a learning gap in cognitive retention and literacy that could affect their future success. One of the best ways to help students overcome this pandemic setback is with a high-quality tutoring program.

Invest in Tutoring for Your Grandchildren

While you may have already planned to help your grandchild with college tuition, research shows that many students never develop the key skills they need to succeed in college. In fact, the overall dropout rate for undergraduate college students in the United States is 40%. Thirty percent of that dropout rate comes from first-year college students dropping out before their sophomore year. Source

Investing in academic support right now helps your grandchild build skills they can use today. It also helps them build the skills that they will need to overcome pandemic learning loss. By ensuring your grandchild has good grades and study skills at an early age, you increase the likelihood of them receiving scholarships, grants, and bursaries as financial aid for their post-secondary education. 

Help Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Check out the many different ways that tutoring can help your grandchild succeed today!

  1. Students are struggling with the transition into university, with first-year dropout rates on the rise. Our College Prep program helps build the skills needed to overcome any hurdles. Learn more here.
  2. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are experiencing some learning gaps and academic losses. Addressing these gaps as soon as possible is key to avoiding further delays. Our enrichment programs will bridge the gaps. Read about it here.
  3. Literacy skill development has also been impacted by the pandemic, GradePower Learning’s Literacy programs are highly beneficial for students of all ages. Learn more here.
  4. Because of all the uncertainty, it’s hard to look ahead. A lot of students are struggling with setting and achieving their academic goals. All of our programs develop goal-setting skills to help children achieve their future goals. Read more about our goal-setting strategies.

Your Help Matters to Your Grandchildren!

Expensive investments aren’t the only way to be involved in your grandchildren’s learning. Here are some other ways to be involved in your grandchildren’s education. Right now, students need all the extra support they can get. If you’re interested in enrolling your grandchild in one of our programs, contact a location near you today! All of our programs are also available online.

Read more about why GradePower Learning is a great investment for your grandchild’s future.

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